GoWYLD.net Downloads

The items below are free for Wyoming librarians to download and use. These resources promote the research databases found at GoWYLD.net. Click an image to open or download a full size, printable PDF or Word file (many customizable) or to find a link to multiple marketing materials.

LinkedIn Learning Promo

BBC Landmark Video Collection

CQ Researcher Roadmap

Chilton Web Banner

Chilton Postcards

Chilton Poster

Global Issues/SIRS Researcher

CultureGrams Bookmarks


William Shakespeare

Computer Skills Handout

Ancestry Library Edition Poster

Black History Month Poster

Gale in Context: Middle School

Bookflix Bookmark

Cuddle Up

Find it Now Student Insert

Novelist Promo

Poe Handout

Food, Festivities & Fiction

GoWYLD Bunch Promo Poster

Gale Business: Plan Builder

Presidents Day Poster

Pronunciator Graphics

eLibrary Bookmarks

Job & Career Accelerator

LION – Literature Online

History Study Center

History Study Center (half)

Britannica Library