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Governing Board

GOVERNING BOARD OF WYLD Network (called the “governing board”): The Governing Board consists of the elected officers, elected representatives from library types and two elected at-large representatives. The responsibilities of the officers and representatives of the Governing Board include planning, setting priorities and policies, determining member fees, deciding to drop or add services, approving members, and imposing sanctions. The Governing Board meets a minimum of six (6) times a year, once in conjunction with the WYLD Network annual meeting. Each member of the Governing Board may have one vote. The State Librarian is a permanent ex officio voting member. More information

Standing Committees

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From the Bylaws

( §I.P. ) COMMITTEES: Terms of committee appointments will be for three (3) years beginning at the end of the annual meeting. Committee terms will be staggered. Appointments and reappointments shall be at the discretion of the President. Committee membership is open to paid staff, appointed or elected officials, and board members from participating members. As far as possible, committee members shall come from all types of agencies and from the six regions of the state (see addendum). Each committee chair, appointed by the President, shall report to the Governing Board quarterly and provide a formal report at the annual meeting, with the written report posted on the member webpage. All committee member expenses related to serving on a committee must be borne by the committee member or the member’s agency. Each committee chair is responsible for keeping the committee’s procedures consistent with the Bylaws and Strategic Plan. The Vice President/President-Elect serves as the liaison to the committees.

Ad hoc Committees & Related Groups