Software as a Service

The WYLD Integrated Library System software will be migrated from locally managed servers in Cheyenne to vendor hosted servers in the late fall of 2017.

What is Software as a Service aka ‘SaaS’ ?

All the libraries using SirsiDynix Symphony in WYLD currently connect their WorkFlows software to a server in Cheyenne ( SaaS is a hosting solution for servers, so instead of having a server in Cheyenne running our Symphony library software, we will be connecting to a server in a SirsiDynix hosting facility. This change is similar to the process we have experienced when we have had to physically move our servers in the past or upgrade to new hardware. When the copying over of data from one server to another is complete, staff will still be using the same software as before, with the only change being the address of the server in the configuration settings.

Introduction to SaaS for WYLD (June 21, 2017) watch the recorded webinar

Why do we need to migrate to Saas?

Hosting our library management software means that we will never again have to plan for the purchase of new servers. We will also no longer have the responsibility for maintaining servers with upgrades, patches or replacement parts, or worrying about the security of our data.

The WYLD Office maintains two Sun Solaris servers housed in the Green House Data center in Cheyenne. These servers are over six years old and must be replaced. Estimates for replacing the servers are nearly $200,000. With SaaS, we will never have to plan to upgrade hardware again. Moving to SaaS also gives the WYLD Network peace of mind where security and network integrity are concerned. Network engineers at SirsiDynix are dedicated to providing the best library services and 99.95% uptime.

Will our data be secure in the Cloud?

Yes, SirsiDynix is committed to providing the highest levels of security possible for our library data. The company has met stringent, International standards for security certification. Read more at

What experience does SirsiDynix have with SaaS?

SirsiDynix has been providing hosting solutions for more than 15 years. Currently 41% of their global customer base is hosted (more than 2000 customers). 85 of their current customers have more than 1 million in annual circulation. (WYLD circulates about 4.6 million per year). SirsiDynix guarantees 99.95% uptime with 24/7 support for library services.

How will my library and my work be affected?

More information on the timelines for all of these changes and anticipated services impacts will be communicated as soon our implementation project date is finalized.

*There will be a small amount of down-time to complete the migration to the Cloud servers, and library staff will need to change the domain name in the WorkFlows settings the first time they log in.

*We will no longer have the server named For that reason, any links to services or webpages on should be updated to equivalent services on Enterprise.

*eLibrary will no longer be available; all public catalog access will be through Enterprise. Some features in eLibrary will be discontinued in advance to lessen the dependency on the Classic Catalog. These include logging in to ‘My Account’, creating ‘My Lists’, and placing Holds.

*We will work with any third party vendors, such as those providing self-check machines to make sure that they have all the information they need to update their connection information when the migration is complete.

Do we still call the WYLD Office if we have connectivity problems?

Yes, the WYLD Office at WSL is your first point of contact for any technical issues.

How soon is this happening?

Our current project timeline is for early November 2017.