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Shapeoko 3D Carver Giveaway

The 3rd industrial revolution is changing the economy of the United States. To accelerate this change Inventables is giving away a 3D carving machine commonly known as a CNC Milling machine to a Maker Community in every state in the union! Community spaces can apply for the program using the application below. The goal of this program is to make sure every state has free access to learn about digital manufacturing.


This would be a great score for a Wyoming library looking to jumpstart a makerspace. Fill out those applications.

Here (live form)

More information and another link to register here

Entries must be received by June 1st, 2014

Carbon County Library video features Mr. Fuzzles

Marilyn Pederson, the Carbon County Library Director, says this is one of many videos they are doing now, since they purchased a video camera and a green screen. They hope to make commercials of their upcoming events and play the videos at the front desk for patrons to view while checking out their materials. The Rawlins Daily Times has also agreed to post these videos on their web page.

Wyoming is proud of you, Maggie Farrell!

If you hadn’t heard, our own Maggie Farrell, Dean of Libraries at the University of Wyoming, was running for ALA President. Unfortunately, Maggie was not elected to be the new president, but all of us here in Wyoming are so proud of the amazing and dedicated work Maggie has done for libraries everywhere, but especially here in Wyoming. Maggie ALA