2001 Wyoming Library Leadership Institute Pictures, Part 1

group exercise with Jep Enck group exercise with Jep Enck
group John Kanengieter and Missy White from NOLS
group 2001 group photo
group Participants in the 2001 Institute (standing left to right): Katie Jones, Debora Person, Valerie Roady, Marylou Bowles-Banks, Scott Kinney, Deb Adams, Pat Brose, Dale Collum, Jenny Ingram, Crystal Stratton, Richard Landreth, and Michelle DeSalvo; (seated) Frances Clymer, Bobbi Thorpe, Trish Palluck, Chris Van Burgh, Carolyn Groves-Winkler, Sue Knesel, Cynthia Twing, and Sukie Hohl.
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