Government Information

Federal Documents

As a Federal Depository Library, the WSL manages over 26,000 federal documents including maps and items stored on microfiche. The print collection contains federal legislation, regulations, Congressional bills, census data, topographic maps, military history, and more.

Digital access to Federal Documents can be found by searching WYLDCat,, and FDsys: GPO’s Federal Digital System. FDsys is an online portal maintained by the Federal Government to authenticate, preserve, and provide permanent public access to federal documents.

The WSL is one of seven member libraries of the Wyoming Federal Library Consortium. The main purpose of the consortium is to ensure all Wyoming residents have access to federal government information.

The Federal Documents Librarian is available to answer reference questions, locate federal documents, and provide training on digital resources related to government documents.

Contact Information
Tekla Slider
Federal Documents Librarian
(307) 777-6955

State Publications

The WSL is required by Wyoming statute to maintain a state publications depository program. All state agencies must contribute their publications to the depository. Publications are defined as items of published information, regardless of format, paid for with state funds, directed by executive order, or mandated by legislation, and which are produced for public distribution. There are almost 14,000 state pubs in our catalog, dating back to 1871, when the WSL was designated a Territorial Library.

Contact Information
Anne Kuipers
State Publications Librarian
(307) 777-7281

Wyoming Legislation

The WSL curates historical legislative documents that date from 1869-2000. These records are available at For legislation since 2001, visit the Wyoming Legislative Service Office session archives.

Contact Information
Travis Pollok
Legislative & Research Librarian
(307) 777-8936