Program Instructions

Contact Information
Karen Kitchens
State Publications Librarian
(307) 777-7281

To: All state agency directors, division administrators, Commission and Board directors
From: State Government Information Coordinator
Subject: Statutory deposit of agency publications

The purpose of this memo is to ask (or remind!) you to ensure that the appropriate staff person(s) include the State Library on the distribution list for all your agency publications. I’m making this request to implement the mandate of W.S. 9-2-1026.6(c), which directs state entities to provide the State Library with five (5) copies of all publications.

When the State Library obtains your publications, we catalog them and make them available in our statewide library catalog, WyldCat. Through this program, the State Library guarantees that residents have long term access to the information you produce.

Examples of items that you SHOULD deposit include: newsletters, magazines, annual reports and plans (including publicly distributed draft versions – but NOT internal working versions), commercially printed or contracted reports/books, manuals/handbooks, maps, rules/regulations, videotapes, CD-ROMs and any other item you distribute outside the agency in multiple copies.

Examples of items you SHOULD NOT deposit include: letters, memos, minutes, advertising, forms, news releases (unless they contain substantive information you are not making available in other printed formats) and other items that are for internal purposes only. Consult with the Records Division of the State Parks and Cultural Resources Department to develop a retention program for these non-deposit items.

Your agency may be publishing items on your website instead of producing printed copies. The deposit statute provides no guidance on such publications. However, all librarians and archivists are concerned about the future accessibility of web-based publications, given the rapid obsolescence of computer technologies. Current research indicates that within a few years, web-only publications may no longer be available to the public unless you take special archival measures.

We ask you to please advise us when you put a new web-only publication on your website. In this way, we can monitor web publications and determine the best way to ensure their continued availability to the public.

If you have questions about the depository program, please contact me. Send five (5) deposit copies of your publications to the contact address above.