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Ernest Hemingway

In conjunction with Sheridan College and Wyoming Humanities’ multi-year National Endowment for the Humanities grant, “Creating Humanities Communities along the Hemingway Highway”, the Wyoming State Library and Wyoming Humanities have selected Hemingway’s first short story collection, In Our Time (1925), as 2019’s One Book Wyoming.Hemingway Book

This collection covers a number of different topics—World War I, fatherhood and family, war’s impact on soldiers, humans’ relationship with nature—which will allow libraries to tailor discussions to their communities’ interest. Wyoming Humanities will provide funds for libraries that wish to use a discussion leader.

Visit Wyoming Humanities’ Hemingway page to find out more. And learn more about Hemingway’s time in Wyoming by checking out this page from

See the KitKeeper book club kits available for this title.

Questions about One Book Wyoming? Contact Cary Dunlap at or (307) 777-6338.


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Video Discussions

Charles Fournier, teacher and Hemingway expert, offers his insights into the life and work of Ernest Hemingway. These brief discussion videos from the Wyoming State Library highlight specific themes and are a great jumping off point for your book club or classroom as you explore this complicated literary figure. Learn more about Charles and his availability as a presenter for One Book Wyoming 2019 events.

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Ernest Hemingway and Nature

Ernest Hemingway and Race

Ernest Hemingway and Performance of Self

Ernest Hemingway and Travel

Ernest Hemingway and War

Ernest Hemingway and Writing