Intellectual Property Law

October 2019

Let’s face it. Intellectual property law can be confusing, even overwhelming. That’s why the WSL’s State Publications Librarian Karen Kitchens put together the list of resources below. Download these helpful items for basic information about patent, trademark, and copyright law. Please remember that these guides provide a very basic overview. Always consult an attorney for legal assistance.

Intellectual Property Resource Downloads

Intellectual Property Resource Websites


  • Office of Education and Outreach USPTO kids’ page
    This site contains events and educational opportunities for children, teens, families, and educators. Available resources include downloadable Build/Make Invention projects, activities hosted by the USPTO, downloadable wallpaper, educational videos, and links to other IP resources. Parents and teachers can access IP resources specifically designed for Elementary, Middle, and High School kids.


  • USPTO Science of Innovation Video Series
    The Science of Innovation project was developed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in collaboration with the National Science Foundation and NBC Learn. The series explores the process of innovation through the eyes of scientists, engineers, and inventors.
  • Videos for 6-12 Grade Students
    3-D Printing, Biofuels, Biometrics, Driverless Cars, and many others.

Downloadable Activities for Kids

Additional Items

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Review the resources we’ve assembled here to promote this resource in your library. These items are intended to assist the promotional efforts of Wyoming librarians as they reach out to their patrons. We hope you find them useful. Feel free to download and distribute according to your needs.

Remember, all these easy-to-use items are brought to you by and the Wyoming State Library! It’s all good stuff.


ALA Copy Talk Webinar Archive

CopyTalk is a series of webinars on specific copyright topics that include orphan works, mass digitization, international copyright developments, pending and recent copyright court cases, the copyright implications of new technologies, and more.

Visit the CopyTalk Webinar Archive

More from GoWYLD

  • Proquest Congressional
    Federal Government resources such as Congressional Hearings, Congressional Research Service Reports, Congressional Documents/Reports, bills and laws dealing with IP, Executive Branch documents dealing with IP such as Executive Orders.
  • Gale Onefile Legal Trac
    Academic journals, magazines, and news regarding IP
  • Heinonline
    Access to Law Journal Library (contains law journal articles on IP), International and Non-US Law Journals, ABA Journals, US Treaties and Agreements Library, and US Presidential Library

For more information, contact Karen Kitchens, State Publications Librarian at or (307) 777-7281.

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