Shakespeare’s Birthday


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Welcome to April, where in the United States we recognize National Poetry Month, National Volunteer Month, and Jazz Appreciation Month. The 2018 edition of April contains Easter, International Noise Awareness Day, and National Zucchini Bread Day, as well as the biggest day of them all, Tax Day.

For our purposes, April brings William Shakespeare to the forefront of Wyoming library resources. While his actual date of birth remains a subject of debate, April 23rd is the day traditionally observed around the world as the Bard’s birthday, and we want to highlight a series of resources to help Wyomingites celebrate the birthday boy.

Head on over to ProQuest Literature Online, where you can view texts by Shakespeare and access journal articles and other references about the author. The real treat we want to showcase this month, however, is access to audio performances of Shakespeare’s plays. As a user, you can listen to fully dramatized, unabridged audio recordings of each of Shakespeare’s 38 plays. Comedies? Check. Histories and tragedies? Yes indeed, we have them all.

Information for Librarians

Review the resources we’ve assembled here and promote ProQuest Literature in your library. These items are intended to assist the the promotional efforts of Wyoming librarians as they reach out to their patrons. We hope you find them useful. Feel free to download and distribute according to your needs.

Video Database of the Month Video Tutorial

Finding the Bard in GoWyld: ProQuest Literature Online

Spend a few minutes with Database Instruction Librarian Chris Van Burgh and learn how to use Literature Online (LION) to research Shakespeare. In addition to biographical information, literary criticism, journal articles, and a bibliography list, Chris talks about how to listen to all 38 plays.

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