Wyoming Talking Books Program

The Talking Books Program is service of the Wyoming Department of Education. The State Library makes reference to this service as a courtesy to the Department of Education. All questions about the program should be addressed to the WDE contact, Brenda Ariosto.

It’s estimated that over 18,000 people in Wyoming are unable to read regular print material due to visual, physical, or reading disabilities. If you’re struggling with such an impairment—whether your condition is permanent or temporary—you qualify for the program.

All library materials are sent and returned through the mail free of charge. Materials can be ordered from large print catalogs, online, or through a trained reader’s advisor. For more information, contact Brenda Ariosto at (307) 265-8818 (brenda.ariosto@wyo.gov) or visit the Vision Outreach Services website.

After registration, library materials and services are available through the Program for the Blind and Disabled at the Utah State Library.

Email: blind@utah.gov
Website: http://blindlibrary.utah.gov
Tel: (800) 453-4293