Wyoming Cybersecurity Action Network (CAN)

The Wyoming State Library has partnered with the Wyoming CAN (Cybersecurity Action Network) Committee, to offer the free “cyber-in-a-box” educational program. This 10-minute video-based program is designed to be distributed via local libraries to increase cyber safety in Wyoming communities.

November Video: What is Everyday Social Engineering?


Website Trickery

Tips to Protect Your Home Computer

  • Download the slide deck

  • Home Network Protection

  • Download the slide deck
  • Download pertinent router statistics

  • Why Do You Need a Webcam Cover?

    Statistic: In 2019, a white hat hacktivist (ethical hacker) discovered over 15,000 potentially accessible webcams and many were inside people’s home (source).

  • Download the slide deck
  • Download the flyer with instructions and pattern to craft a webcam cover.