Wyoming Cybersecurity Action Network

The Wyoming State Library has partnered with the Wyoming CAN (Cybersecurity Action Network) Committee, to offer the free “cyber-in-a-box” educational program. This 10-minute video-based program is designed to be distributed via local libraries to increase cyber safety in Wyoming communities.

December 2021 Video: Cyberpsychology (Part 3): Addressing Personal Risk Factors


November 2021 Video: Cyberpsychology (Part 2): Everyday Decisions

October 2021 Video: Cyberpsychology (Part 1): Lizard Brain

September 2021 Video: Deepfakes (Part 3): Detection and Prevention

August 2021 Video: Deepfakes (Part 2): What’s the Future?

July 2021 Video: Deepfakes (Part 1): What Are They?

June 2021 Video: Low, Medium, and High-tech Backups for Home PCs

May 2021 Video: Why Backup Testing is Important

April 2021 Video: Elements of a Good PC Backup

March 2021 Video: Controlling App Permissions

February 2021 Video: Using the Same Password for Multiple Sites?

January 2021 Video: Password Reset Questions

December Video: How Hackers Get Your Info

What is Everyday Social Engineering?

Website Trickery

Tips to Protect Your Home Computer

Home Network Protection

Why Do You Need a Webcam Cover?

Statistic: In 2019, a white hat hacktivist (ethical hacker) discovered over 15,000 potentially accessible webcams and many were inside people’s home (source).