WYLD Annual Meetings

WYLD Annual Meeting 2021

WYLD Annual 2021 was virtual – on Thursday & Friday, June 3-4, 2021

Election results:

  • Vice President (2-year term as VP, then 2-year term as President) : Cara Nett, Laramie County Library System
  • K-12 library representative (2-year term) : Maggie Unterseher, Newcastle High School
  • Special library representative (2-year term) : Sarah Marino, Yellowstone Research Library

Proxies: If a regular delegate is unable to attend a meeting, an alternate delegate will be appointed by the agency director and must present or email a proxy to the WYLD Network President signed and dated by the actual delegate/representative/officer. Proxies must be recognized and accepted by the President at the annual meeting.

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