Governing Board


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  • Mary Jayne Jordan, President (2019) –
  • Brad Matthies, Vice-president (2019) –
  • Diane Adler, Academic Library Representative (2020) –
  • Paula Sabatka, K-12 Library Representative (2019) –
  • Kate Mutch, Large Public Library Representative (2020) –
  • Joan Brinkley, Small Public Library Representative (2020) –
  • Matt Swift, Special Library Representative (2019) –
  • Valerie Maginnis, Member-at-Large (2020) –
  • Jamie Markus, State Librarian –
  • Desiree Saunders, WYLD Program Manager, ex-officio representative –
  • Linda Herget, Recorder; LCCC Public Services Specialist (2017) –

About the Board

GOVERNING BOARD OF THE WYLD Network (called the “governing board”): The governing board consists of the elected officers, elected representatives from library types and an elected at-large representative. The responsibilities of the officers and representatives of the governing board include planning, setting priorities and policies, determining member fees, deciding to drop or add services, and imposing sanctions. The governing board meets a minimum of six (6) times a year, once in conjunction with the WYLD Network annual meeting. Each member of the governing board may have one vote. The State Librarian is a permanent ex officio voting member.

GOVERNING BOARD OFFICERS: WYLD Network members elect a President and Vice-President/President-Elect. Officers may vote at the annual meeting only if they are agency delegates. The appointed or volunteer Recorder is not an officer and does not vote unless the Recorder is also a delegate.

GOVERNING BOARD REPRESENTATIVES: WYLD Network members elect representatives to the governing board based on type of library — academic, special, school, large public and small public. One representative is elected at-large from the WYLD Network. Representatives need not be WYLD Network delegates. All serve staggered, two-year terms. Bylaws ยง I.F. – I.H. – June 2018