Recommendations on Serials

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The Online Quality Committee makes these recommendations to all libraries for maintaining periodical holdings in the WYLD Network:

  1. Single Issue Periodical Records
    Remove all single issue periodical records from WYLD and discourage the creation of any new ones. Libraries will maintain their serials information on the full bibliographic record only.
  2. Issue Retention
    Each library must maintain no more than 60 issues per library on any serials title with the exception of monographic serials. (Example: If 53 libraries each kept 60 barcoded issues per title, that is 3,180 barcodes for that title. Sixty issues is approximately 14 months for a weekly publication, five years for a monthly publication.)
  3. Outdated Issues
    As ongoing maintenance, each library should remove from serials records outdated holdings that exceed the 60 issues per library limit. This could be done at the time new barcodes are added or within a timeframe defined by each library as long as the total number of issues for that library does not exceed 60 issues. It’s not necessary to remove barcodes from the actual items as they would be used when circulating these older materials on-the-fly (See #5 below).
  4. Fines
    A new bill reason called “Old Periodicals” would be created to keep track of old fines associated with barcoded periodical issues that should be deleted. This bill reason would have no item type attached to it so the bill information could be retained while not having to retain the barcode. Libraries could place a note on the patron’s record with this bill reason and include as much specific issue information as they would like. Libraries should set the properties of the Item Search and Display wizard to show the “Bills Folder” and “All Types of Bills.”
  5. Circulation of Barcoded Back Issues
    Libraries should consider on-the-fly circulation for older barcoded issues no longer linked to full bibliographic records. Libraries would be responsible for removing their on-the-fly circulation records which will be identified for them through a report that they can run on a regular basis. Barcodes need not be removed from the actual items.
  6. Serials Control Records
    Libraries must maintain accurate/updated information in the 866 tag of the MARC Holdings record to create their summary holdings statements. See Creating a MARC Holdings Record (technote) for details.
  7. Call Number Suggestions
    1. Use an actual Dewey or LC call number, or the word PERIODICAL or MAGAZINE, before the subfield z in the call number of the item record. The Basic Tab of the serials control record needs to have a base call number listed along with the class scheme of LCPER. This combination of base call number and class scheme is necessary to enable the subfield z to display and sort issues correctly.

      Example call numbers
      650 B|zDEC 1, 2003 or MAGAZINE|zDEC 1, 2003

    2. Use a call number on an auto-generated barcode to include a date range of holdings for those older issues.

      Example call numbers:
      646.705 G (01/1982-12/1990) or NEWSWEEK (1954-1996)

  8. Exceptions
    Exceptions could be requested for unique items such as monographic serials. Libraries should contact the committee if interested in obtaining exceptions.

Updated March 2019