Ad hoc Nominating Committee

This ad hoc committee was convened in April 2020 and will be released at the WYLD annual business meeting in June, 2020.

2020 elections are for Network Vice President, Academic Library Representative, Large Public Library Representative, Small Public Library Representative, & Member-at-Large


Vice President (2-year term as VP, then 2-year term as President) : Linda Herget

Academic library representative (2-year term) : Diane Adler

Large public library representative (2-year term) : Terri Lesley; Jeff Collins

Small public library representative (2-year term) : Sukey Hohl

Member at large (2-year term) : Brenda Mahoney Ayres

About this committee

NOMINATIONS: Nominations for Vice President/President-Elect, Representatives, and Member-at-Large shall be made by an Ad Hoc Nominating Committee prior to the annual meeting. The Nominating Committee will announce nominations two (2) weeks before the annual meeting. Nominations from the floor will also be allowed in case of candidate vacancies. Individuals nominated must consent to run before the ballot becomes official.


  • Jill Mackey, Crook County Library