WYLDcat (Enterprise) Skills Checklist

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Minimum Requirements

  1. Understand that ‘Enterprise’ is the name of the SirsiDynix product, and WYLDcat is the name used by the Wyoming library community to refer to the Enterprise catalog as customized by the State Library for the WYLD Network.
  2. Know how to access the library’s public access catalog.
  3. Understand that local customizations make each library catalog unique.
  4. Know how to find other libraries’ Enterprise sites for ideas.
  5. Know how to perform a search, both simple and advanced.
  6. Know how to select Search Limits from the drop-down menu.
  7. Know how to access the Help files. Hint: Look for question mark icon.
  8. Understand how relevancy ranking and keyword searching affect search results.
  9. Know how to use facets to narrow searches by including or excluding terms such as Author, Subject, Format, Shelf Location, Material Type, Language, Item Type, Library, Publication Date (Range or Year), etc.
  10. Understand that each library’s choices and order of facets may vary depending on local customizations.
  11. Know how to retrieve item details such as the location (call number) and availability.
  12. Know how to search for digital materials, such as ebooks and audiobooks
  13. Be able to view summaries, reviews, etc. and Librarian’s View which shows the MARC record.
  14. Know how to use other optional actions such as emailing, texting, printing, etc.
  15. Know how to place holds and make interlibrary loan requests.
  16. Know how to access My Account and what options are there, including how to enable checkout history and digital checkouts.
  17. Know how to create and retrieve lists.

Intermediate Requirements

  1. Understand Patron Charge History in WorkFlows (WYLD Technote) and how those settings affect the user experience in Enterprise.
  2. Understand SMS/text messaging as it relates to Enterprise.
  3. Be familiar with patron self-editing features available in My Account.

Expert Requirements

  1. Know how to customize your library’s Enterprise catalog. See the Enterprise Rooms Content Management Guide. Support Portal login required to view.
  2. Be familiar with Technote – Enterprise Linking about links to Enterprise catalog and creating search forms.
  3. Know how to contact the WYLD Office about patron registration features.

Last reviewed February 2021

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