Resources (Databases) Skills Checklist

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Minimum Requirements

  1. Be signed up for the WYLDNEWS email distribution list.
  2. Know how to select an age-appropriate resource based on researcher’s needs.
  3. Know how to select a resource appropriate to the researcher’s subject area.
  4. Know how to conduct basic searches in common resources.
  5. Know where to find help with each resource.
  6. Know how to save, export, or email results.
  7. Know when to contact the State Library for assistance. (e.g. when a resource is requiring authentication)

Intermediate Requirements

  1. Know how to refine searches.
  2. Know how to use advanced search interfaces.
  3. Know how to apply basic Boolean and field specific searching.
  4. Know how to cite an online resource.
  5. Know how to locate full text sources using eJournal portal and the Wyoming Union List of Periodicals (WULP)
  6. Be familiar with vendor specific customization options such as saved searches, folders, alerts, Google Drive integration, etc.
  7. Know where to find usage statistics and more information for library staff using the State Library’s LibGuides.
  8. Be familiar with vendor websites to access tutorials, marketing tools, handouts, and subscribe to news or announcements.

Reviewed April 2019

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