Known Issues & Browser Support

Known Issues

  • Search may display cached results if ‘search’ button is not clicked (user hits enter key instead);
  • Limited title printing options;
  • “Being shelved” message not showing when item has just been discharged, shows home location;
  • An item checked out to a recirculating patron profile only shows the recirculating location if the circulation loan period is ‘unlimited’. ┬áIf any other loan period is associated with a recirculating patron profile, that loan period due date will display instead of the location which makes it appear as though the item is not available.
  • Titles added to My lists do not always show the searched library’s call number, sometimes it is another call number on the record;
  • Default sort, Relevance, cannot be changed to Publication Date (Descending)i.e. show most recent published items first;
  • eResource Central – Patron account info does not show correct place in the hold queue for RB Digital holds;

Browser Support

The following web browsers are supported for the SirsiDynix Symphony web-based products.


Internet Explorer 9 and 10* Not supported Windows
Google Chrome Latest version Latest version Windows/Macintosh
Mozilla Firefox Latest version Latest version Windows/Macintosh
Safari 5 and 6 5 and 6 Macintosh

* Internet Explorer Support
The current policy of SirsiDynix is to support the two most recent releases of Microsoft Internet Explorer and to begin support of newly released versions 90 days after their release. Although they do not fully suport Internet Explorer 8 with the current and subsequent SirsiDynix Enterprise releases, they will ensure that basic search functionality works for future releases until Internet Explorer 8 usage falls below an acceptable percentage.