VDX Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Why do requests have a status of "idle"?
    Requests are set to be auto-mediated and auto-authorized. A status of idle means the request has not been authorized. There are several reasons why that happens:
  2. Authorization


    * To be authorized Request has not been processed by VDX. Do not change this manually.
    * Check manual You must check this request manually. Click on the Details button. Look at the Audit. This may explain what is missing. A rota will not build from a request placed as "I need material". The Rota builds only when the bibliographic record contains an ISSN, ISBN or LC number. You can manually add the missing information to the bibliographic record; change the authorization status to ToBeAuthorized and submit the request. The system will re-process the request and build the Rota. If you can’t verify the information or if VDX can’t find the item, you can build the Rota manually from the holdings locations.
    * AutoMediated; AuthManual These are generally requests placed with a note from the patron. The system builds the Rota, but does not automatically move the request to the first Responder. Borrowing staff need to review the patron’s note, change the authorization status to Authorized and submit the request.

  3. Can a library limit the number of requests a patron may place?
    Yes. There are several ways that libraries may set limits. For example, an academic library could set different limits for faculty and students. Limits could be defined as all requests, pending requests only, etc. Limits are set in the operating software managed by the State Library. Contact Robyn Hinds to discuss your options.
  4. What can a library do when the request has gone through the rota and has not been supplied?
    If the library is an OCLC ILL member the request should be sent through OCLC. The VDX request should be marked "complete". Non-OCLC member libraries should add the location WSLC to the Rota, change the authorization to Authorized and submit any non-supplied VDX request they wish to have sent on to OCLC. These requests will be processed through the State Library Clearinghouse. This process will be changed as all WYLD CatExpress libraries will be eligible for OCLC ILL. The State Library will no longer need to act as a clearinghouse.
  5. The item our patron requested is in WYLDCat. Why didn"t VDX build a a rota?
    VDX uses ISBN, ISSN or LC numbers to build the rota. If a bibliographic record doesn"t have at least one of these identifiers, the rota must be built manually in order to ensure that the patron gets the
    correct item.
  6. We can’t supply the item requested. Should I e-mail or call the borrowing library?
    Action the request as Non-Supply. Selecting a reason from the drop down list of reasons is optional but selecting one will indicate to the borrowing library why you can not supply the item. There is no need to e-mail or call the borrowing library. If there are other libraries in the Rota the request will automatically move into the next Responder’s queue. Only the Requester can see the full list of Responders for a request. Checking the audit will provide details about a request’s path to both the Requester and Responders.
  7. How do we cancel a pending request?
    A pending request may be canceled by the borrowing library if the current responding library agrees to the cancelation. To cancel a pending request:

  8. I submitted a report, viewed the data but didn’t print it. When I went back and re-submitted the report, the message No Data Found appeared. How can I access my report for printing?

    Reports that have already been submitted and viewed are accessible only through the Batch Re-run report. If you submit a report and the system responds with the message ‘No report data found for the requested action’ the report has been moved to batch reruns.
  9. I forgot to include the patron information in a request I placed within VDX. Can I add it?
    Yes. Find the request.
    Select Details.
    Click on requester.
    Select Local change request details from the actions available drop down menu and click submit.
    Select Requester. You will be provided a box to enter the patron barcode and validate.
    Submit the request.
    *Note: this procedure will only work if the patron has already been added to the VDX database.
  10. We want to train additional staff. Where can we practice?
    -To practice in VDX use https://wy.vdxhost.com:8443/vdx.
  11. How do I build a rota for idle requests that do not have ISSN, ISBN or LCN in the bibliographic record?

    Request status will change from Idle to Pending once the system has started processing the request.

  12. Why are my item call numbers sometimes missing in requests listed on my pick list?
    The borrowing library manually added your location to the rota and instead of allowing VDX’s DocFind to create the rota.
  13. Why do I see only one request for a title in my borrower queue, yet the responder sees two identical request in the lender queue?
    This is a known bug in the current version of VDX software and is corrected in version 2.4. What happens is that the library places the request and before the VDX laser driver can process it, they edit the same request and submit it again. This causes the two different requests to appear in the lender queue. It is very important the borrowing libraries do not manipulate IDLE request with an authorization status of Authorized. These request are being processed. The status and authorization status will be updated once the system has completed processing of the last action. The lender should action the request with the higher ILL number and notify the WYLD office to have the duplicate request removed by OCLC.
  14. A request for the same title from the same library and patron appears more than once in my lender queue. What should I do?
    Contact or send a VDX message to the borrowing library to verify that they are not trying to borrow duplicate copies for a class or book club. If they mistakenly have two request in their borrower queue, ask them to cancel one of the request following the procedure to cancel pending request. If only one request appears in the borrower queue, but the same request appears twice in the lender queue, refer to the number 12 above.
  15. I submitted a report to run. The report did run and is listed in the Batch Re-run. Why won’t the results appear on my screen for printing?
    Depending on which browser you use, follow the steps below to clear the temporary files. After clearing the temp files, resubmit the report from the Batch Re-run list. Call the WYLD office if you are still unable to view your report. Internet Explorer: 1.) Launch IE browser. 2.) Click Tools. 3.) Click Internet Options. 4.) Click delete files in the Temporary Files Box. 5.) Click OK. Netscape: 1.) Launch Netscape. 2.) Click Edit. 3.) Click Preferences. 4.) Click Advanced. 5.) Click Cache. 6.) Clear Disk Cache. 7.) Click OK.
  16. How do I cancel the "Shipped" status if I accidentally mark something as shipped?
    Accidents do happen. This status can not be reversed. Contact WSL ILL technician Robyn Hinds or the borrowing library for assistance in processing the original request and placing a new request.
  17. How do I tell the system to not use my library to fill request for a specific period of time (suspension)?
    To put your library on suspension:

    1. Click on location button on the lefthand side of the screen.
    2. Click on Edit Own at the top of the screen.
    3. Scroll down to the Local holiday area of the screen.
    4. Click on New holiday to the right-hand side of the screen.
    5. Enter ILL Loaning Temporarily Suspended in the Description field.
    6. Select start and end dates from gadget calendar.
    7. Select "Requesting Ok." from suspended drop down menu.
    8. Click on "Save & Close".
  18. Why did I receive duplicate copies to fill a request?
    A Responder found the item to lend, but did not update the request with an action prior to the request expiring and moving into the next Responder’s queue. The first Responder still sent the item to the borrowing library as did the next Responder. Preference is to return the item that was not actioned through VDX and continue the process with the copy that can be tracked through VDX.

    Note: Responders should not send a copy to fill a request that no longer appears in their active work queue!

Updated August 2017