14 Tips for a Successful Annual Fundraising Campaign

Jun 24, 2016

From Library Strategies

While your library foundation might find success in special events and specific appeals, the workhorse of your fundraising is the annual campaign. This is a broad-based appeal, conducted every year, that is your biggest source of unrestricted donations.

Library Strategies has offered these 14 tips on making your annual campaign a success. Read their full blog post for details and for a sample appeal letter. Here’s the short version:

  1. Brainstorm first.
  2. Get names.
  3. Get more names.
  4. Draft a compelling letter.
  5. Personalize the letter whenever possible.
  6. Have the letter signed by the person who supplied the prospective donors’ names.
  7. Include a response card and self-addressed return envelope.
  8. Personalize your outside mailing envelope.
  9. Ask the volunteer who signed the letter to put his or her name above the return address on the outside mailing envelope too.
  10. Use the phone, email, or even personal meetings to follow up the mailing.
  11. Have a system for tracking donors and donations.
  12. Thank your donors immediately.
  13. Thank them again!
  14. Consider holding a special “thank you event” for your annual fund donors.

Read more on the Library Strategies blog.

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