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The WYLD Network is a consortium of 100+ public, academic, school, and special Wyoming libraries that shares technology and resources in an effort to make library materials and collections available to every resident of the state.

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About the WYLD Network

The WYLD Network includes the collections of more than 100 libraries and offers access to e-books, audiobooks, magazine article databases, language learning, auto repair, genealogy, and more.

The statewide library catalog, WYLDcat, can be accessed at a library or from home, school or an office with a Library Card and PIN.

WYLD Catalog (WYLDcat)

WYLDcat on Aspen

WYLDcat recently added Aspen, a full-featured Discovery System that integrates your library catalog with e-content, digital archives, and enrichment from all major third-party providers – giving patrons comprehensive access to all of your library’s materials in one place.

Explore the collections of over 100 libraries in WYLDcat using Aspen Discovery, from ByWater Solutions.

WYLD Catalog (WYLDcat)
WYLDcat Mobile App

WYLDcat Mobile App

Take WYLDcat Along Wherever You Go!

The WYLDcat app makes it quick and easy to access Wyoming libraries on the go! Search your library’s catalog, download items, and manage your account instantly.

WYLDcat can be found by searching WYLDcat, Wyoming Libraries, or WYLD in your app store.