3D Modeling at your Local Library

Nov 10, 2011

The Fayetteville Free Library is introducing an exciting new project, the FFL Fab Lab. According to Neil Gershenfeld the Fab Lab is “a collection of commercially available machines and parts linked by software and processes developed for making things.” The library is providing access to 3D modeling software and an advanced 3D printer called a MakerBot Thing-o-Matic. The printer is capable of creating detailed physical models that were designed in a digital 3D environment.

This process allows you to download models online and have the machine print out 3D objects that you can use. Some examples:


What do you think? Does this type of innovation make sense for your library? Is this something that you’d like to play with? I know I’d love to.

Check out more details at the Fab Lab’s page here.

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