A Little Poetry for Baseball’s Opening Day

baseball in baseball gloveWhat a month: poetry and baseball!

In honor of National Poetry Month and Major League Baseball’s Opening Day today (April 7), let’s search the two together in Literature Online (LION). In GoWYLD.net you’ll find this immense resource combining the texts of more than 350,000 literary works with a vast library of key criticism and reference resources.

On the main page, below the search box, select Search Poetry under Primary Texts. Begin with a search for baseball. The results include poems from 1889-2021. On the left, there are limiters such as poem type, publication title, or literary period.

Literature Online can be found on GoWYLD.net alphabetically or under Literature. Other resources to use to learn more about the sport include U.S. History (Gale In Context) and Britannica Library.

All resources are available in your local library or from home with your Wyoming library card and PIN.

Librarians — want to promote LION to your community? Find a LION poster with the GoWYLD.net logo available for printing on our marketing downloads page.

For more information about the databases, training, or marketing materials, contact Chris Van Burgh, Wyoming State Library Database Instruction Librarian, chris.vanburgh@wyo.gov.

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