AHC Teams Up With Wyoming Public Media for ‘Archives on the Air’

The American Heritage Center in Laramie has found a way to bring the treasures and tidbits from its extensive collection to a wider audience through a partnership with Wyoming Public Media with a new show on Wyoming Public Radio: Archives on the Air.

Archives on the Air features one-minute stories from the wide-ranging collections housed at the AHC, taking listeners deep into the archives. New episodes air three times every weekday on local Wyoming Public Radio stations across the state and can also be found online.

Enjoy these episodes already available on the Wyoming Public Media website:

Assistant Archivist Molly Marcusse voices each episode. Scripts for Archives on the Air are written by Archivist Leslie Waggener and Marketing Assistants Alex Vernon, London Homer-Wambeam, and Conor McCracken-Flesher.

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