ALA Launches Campaign Against E-book Embargo


From the American Library Association

The American Library Association (ALA) and Public Library Association (PLA) announced a public campaign in response to recent efforts to limit library access to e-books. In a press conference held at the Nashville Public Library during the 2019 Digital Book World conference, ALA debuted an online petition at for members of the public to urge Macmillan Publishers CEO John Sargent to reverse the proposed embargo on e-books sold to libraries.

Macmillan’s proposed business model would affect the availability of their titles through the cloudLibrary and Overdrive platforms used by Wyoming libraries.

ALA has denounced Macmillan’s embargo and mobilized opposition to it using the social media hashtag #eBooksForAll since the publisher announced the embargo in July. Under Macmillan’s new pricing model, a library may purchase one copy upon release of a new title in e-book format, after which the publisher will impose an eight-week embargo on additional copies of that title sold to the library. The additional copies will then be available for two years of access.

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