#AskaLibrarian for Book Recommendations on Twitter

Dec 8, 2015

From Library Journal

Ask a LibrarianLibrarians have a great new way to share book recommendations with readers and with each other. On Thursdays from 10-11 a.m. MST, the conversation on Twitter turns to books on the #AskaLibrarian hashtag.

This was an initiative launched in November by Penguin Random House and Read It Forward, a reader community program sponsored by Crown Publishing Group’s Community Development department. It brings together librarians, library patrons, other consumers, library marketing representatives, and publishers in a huge tweet swap on good books and good readalikes, with the hashtag facilitating searches by anyone who can’t jump in at the appointed hour.

Learn more about the #AskaLibrarian conversation on Library Journal at reviews.libraryjournal.com/2015/11/prepub/askalibrarian-gives-librarians-and-readers-a-new-tool and join the fun on Twitter every Thursday.


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