Big Talk From Small Libraries Online Conference – Feb 28, 2012

Feb 6, 2012

The Nebraska Library Commission is providing a free one-day online conference aimed at small libraries on February 28th.  Check it out and drop in when you can!  This is held during Central Time – so think an hour earlier!  See the link below to register.

This free one-day online conference is aimed at librarians from small libraries; the smaller the better. Each of our eight speakers is from a small library or directly works with small libraries. Topics will range from technology (new tech and old tech) to programming to new roles for the library. Eight presenters means eight hourly slots and eight topics. Come for the programs on what you’re dealing with now or maybe try something new. Everyone is welcome to register and attend, regardless of how big or small their library is, but if your library serves a few thousand people, or a few hundred, this is the day for you. So far, our agenda is:

9:00 Helping Your Patrons E-Read, Karen Mier
10:00 Community Partnerships, Diane Althoff & Karla Bieber
11:00 The FFL Fabulous Laboratory: Developing a Read/Write Culture in Your Library, Lauren Smedley
Noon Combo School/Public Libraries, Lindsey Hansen & Linda Holmberg
1:00 Magic Tricks and Maintenance: Helping the Public Learn Technology, Jessamyn West
2:00 Working in the Cloud, Jezymnne Dene
3:00 Gaming and Game collection development, Diane Trinkle
4:00 TBA

All times given in Central Time

For further info see:

And to register click here.

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