Brenda Mahoney-Ayres Retires From the Weston County Library System

Apr 24, 2024

After serving as the Weston County Library System Director for nearly a decade-and-a-half, Brenda Mahoney-Ayres will be retiring in late April.

Brenda began her library career in the early 2000s as a library page at the Crook County Library branch in Moorcroft, Wyoming. She credits Jamie Markus, Wyoming’s former state librarian, who was then the continuing education coordinator, with helping her embark on her journey towards a degree in library science. After receiving her Associate’s Degree in Library and Information Science, she became the Circulation Services Librarian at the Weston County Library in 2007. Three years later, in June of 2010, Brenda assumed the role of interim director at the Weston County Library and accepted the position of director later that year. Since then, she has earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Library and Information Science from the University of Maine at Augusta, and has led the Weston County Library System for the past fourteen years.

“We have a treasure in the Carnegie library we occupy. It was very important to me to have that recognized and to promote the library as the community center it is,” said Brenda, regarding her time as director. “Our staff recognizes that people are the reason we do what we do and will make every effort to assist our patrons.”

Brenda hopes the libraries of Weston County Library System, which include the main library in Newcastle, Wyoming, as well as a branch library in Upton, Wyoming, will continue to be an important part of their communities and hopes the new director will come to love both the libraries and the communities they serve as much as she has. “I feel that the library system is in a great place to continue growing and transforming to meet the needs of its Weston County communities,” Brenda said.

After her retirement, Brenda looks forward to spending more time with her three grandchildren; reacquainting herself with “hobbies that have gotten dusty” including gardening, photography, painting, and crocheting; as well as travel. “Isn’t it requisite to travel?” Brenda joked when asked about her plans.

“If you know me, you know I love poetry, and Mary Oliver is one of my favorite poets,” explained Brenda. “She has a line in one of her poems, ‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with you one wild and precious life,’-this is truly going to be a grand adventure because I have no concrete plans.”

Brenda’s last day as the director of the Weston County Library System will be April 30.

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