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WSL Welcomes Kathy Kilbourne

Kathy Kilbourne

Kathy Kilbourne has joined the Wyoming State Library as our new Collections Technician in the Information Services office. Prior to joining the WSL, she was a paralegal for three years at a law firm and also worked at the Cheyenne Aquatic Center for the City of Cheyenne.

Kathy was born here in Cheyenne and grew up as a self-described “Air Force brat.” Her father’s service took her family from F.E. Warren AFB to Turkey and eventually back again. She spent her elementary school years at Yokota AFB in Japan and junior high years at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. High school returned her to Cheyenne where she graduated from from Central High School.

She attended the University of Wyoming before transferring to Metropolitan State University of Denver where she received a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in criminal justice and history. In May 2013 she received her paralegal certificate from Laramie County Community College.

Information Services Manager Abby Beaver says the new hire is settling into the role nicely. “Kathy’s fitting in already as she begins her training. Her work as a paralegal and her experience working with the public will be a great asset to our team.”

Kathy’s the “proud mother of two great kids.” Daughter Zoe is a Surgical Tech. for the Orthopaedic and Spine Center of the Rockies in Fort Collins, and her son Blade is a freshman at the University of Wyoming.

Away from work, Kathy enjoys walking with her fiancé Scott’s dogs, adult coloring, and working in her flower/fairy garden throughout the spring and summer months. Scott’s a member of the Sherman Hill Model Railroad Club, so they travel to train shows in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Utah. Most Saturdays find her watching movies, both new and old. A favorite she watches again and again is Dr. Zhivago — and, of course, she enjoyed the novel, too.

WSL Librarian at GRO-Biz Conference

Karen Kitchens, the Wyoming State Library’s State Publications Librarian, was in Rock Springs today at the GRO-Biz Conference & Idea Expo. Here, she’s with USPTO Denver Office Supervisory Patent Examiner Garth Rademaker (left) and U.S. Senator Mike Enzi (center).

Sen. Enzi is the founder of the conference and expo. GRO-Biz helps Wyoming businesses offer their products or services to the government, and the Idea Expo provides all the resources entrepreneurs and business owners need to start or expand their company.

One help for entrepreneurs is right here at the Wyoming State Library: our Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC). For questions about the PTRC, contact Karen at (307) 777-7281.

What’s for Dinner in Federal Documents?

Here at the Wyoming State Library, we enjoy some of the quirky items we find in our historical government documents. We went exploring our early 20th Century copies of the Farmers’ Bulletin from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and found a few meals you might or might not want on your table. Have these recipes stood the test of time? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

USDA Farmers’ Bulletin No. 1451
Making and Using Cottage Cheese in the Home
Issued May, 1925; revised 1927

Need a new kitchen hobby? This bulletin details the steps and equipment needed to make cottage cheese, “A desirable food easily prepared.”

Remove the stones from cooked prunes. Stuff prunes with cottage cheese which has been seasoned with salt and pepper. Serve on lettuce leaves with mayonnaise dressing. Dates or figs may be used instead of prunes if desired.

USDA Farmers’ Bulletin No. 712
School Lunches
Issued March, 1916; revised June, 1922, and May, 1924

Too many students have peanut allergies for this one today, but Bulletin 712 recommended that “Peanut butter, which can be either bought as such or prepared at home or at school, can be quickly made into a good and nutritious soup.”

1 1/2 cups tomato juice
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon paprika
2 1/2 cups boiling water
Add the tomato juice gradually to the peanut butter, and when smooth add the seasonings and the water. Simmer for 10 minutes and serve with croutons.

USDA Farmers’ Bulletin No. 487
Cheese and its Economical Uses in the Diet


If you say you love cheese in all its forms, does that still hold true if someone combines it with Lima beans? There’s also a “Cheese Jelly Salad” in this bulletin that includes gelatin and whipped cream, served on lettuce with salad dressing.

2 cupfuls of cooked Lima beans
1/4 pound of cream cheese, commercial or homemade
3 canned pimientos chopped
Bread crumbs
Put the first three ingredients through a meat chopper. Mix thoroughly and add bread crumbs until it is stiff enough to form into a roll. Brown in the oven, basting occasionally with butter and water.

USDA Farmers’ Bulletin No. 559
Use of Corn, Kafir, and Cowpeas in the Home

October 16, 1913

Cowpeas, or black-eyed peas, are recommended as an inexpensive meat substitute in this bulletin.

1 tablespoonful butter
1 tablespoonful finely chopped onion
1 tablespoonful finely chopped sweet green pepper
2 cupfuls cooked cowpeas
1/2 cupful grated cheese
Press the peas through a sieve to remove the skins, and mix with the cheese. Cook the onion and pepper in the butter, being careful not to brown, and add to the peas and cheese. Form the mixture into a roll, place on a buttered earthenware dish and cook in a moderate oven until brown, basting occasionally with butter and water. Serve hot or cold as a substitute for meat.

Federal documents such as these often offer fascinating glimpses into history. If you need assistance with researching federal government documents, we have reference librarians who can help. Contact us at or (307) 777-6333.

February 2018 Outrider Now Available


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WSL Closed for Presidents Day

The Wyoming State Library will be closed Monday, February 19, for Presidents Day. We will reopen on Tuesday, February 20.

We’ve compiled links to WSL database resources that celebrate Presidents Day in the United States. We hope they’re helpful as you prepare your efforts to promote the holiday locally.

In 1886, the Wyoming Territorial Legislature made George Washington’s birthday, February 22, a legal holiday. You can read it in Chapter 67 of the Session Laws for that year in Wyoming Legislation. The legal holiday is now set for the third Monday in February to commemorate both Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays.


Valentine’s Day Patents

Valentine’s Day is here once again. Many of us enjoy giving gifts of chocolates, flowers, and other items as an expression of undying affection to our loved ones. Expressing the popular sentiment of this holiday are a few inventive and fun patents. Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day from the Wyoming State Library!

The Love Tester (US Patent No. D 085,341)

Interested in knowing how attractive the opposite sex finds you? Here is your answer! This is a design patent from 1931 granted to John F. Meyer, for the face of a love tester machine. Insert a penny and it will “Measure of Your Sex Appeal.”

Kissing Shield (US Patent No. 5,727,565)

Worried about sharing more than your undying affection with that special someone?

Check out this patent granted to Deloris Gray Wood in 1998. This practical device allows the user to kiss people without having to worry about the spread of germs and diseases. Now, that’s … romantic?

The Love Bed (US Patent No. 5,211,130)

Don’t forget about your furry friends! This patent was granted to Elly and Elvira Elias in 1992 and is a great way to not only offer a comfortable place to sleep, but also a great way to express love and care.

Heart-shaped Chocolate (US Patent No. D449,147)

Of course chocolate is always popular and is no doubt one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts. Verlooy Herwig was granted this design patent on heart-shaped chocolate in 2001. Looks delicious!

The Love Clock (US Patent No. D360366)

There is always time for expressing your love with this delightful invention. Ormond D. McGill was granted this design patent in 1995. The Love Clock says, “I Love You” on the hour instead of just a chime.

For more information on intellectual property, contact the Wyoming State Library Patent and Trademark Resource Center at (307) 777-7281 for Karen Kitchens, State Publications Librarian.

Deadline Nearing for Teen Video Challenge

We are counting down to the deadline for the Teen Video Challenge. One video created by a teen or group of teens to promote summer reading will be selected as the Wyoming state winner and will receive $100 along with an award worth $50 for their local public library.

Wyoming youth ages 13-18 are eligible and are invited to create a 30 to 90 second video with their unique interpretation of the 2018 Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) slogan Libraries Rock! in combination with reading and libraries.

“We know there are so many talented and creative teens out there,” said Chris Van Burgh, CSLP coordinator at the Wyoming State Library. “We’d love to see the ideas they come up with and share those with a national audience. It’s a great way for them to get involved with summer reading even before summer arrives.”

Videos should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, titled “2018 TVC – WY – Unique Name.” Entry and model release forms are required, postmarked by February 22, to “2018 TVC, Chris Van Burgh, 2800 Central Ave., Cheyenne WY 82002.” Deadline is February 22; late entries will not be considered.

Full details are available on our Summer Reading LibGuide.

Please contact Chris Van Burgh at or 307-777-3642 with any questions or to let her know if you are working on a video or working with teens who plan to submit a video. All state winning videos will become property of CSLP and will be viewed nationwide in conjunction with the official 2018 CSLP campaign.

Announcing Syndetics Unbound Catalog Enrichment

Syndetics Unbound highlights. Click for larger image, then click again to magnify.

The Wyoming State Library WYLD Offics is excited to announce the launch of Syndetics Unbound in all Enterprise WYLDCat profiles in the coming days. The WYLD Office has been testing this service with a small number of libraries for the past few weeks and will begin adding it to all Enterprise profiles early next week.

Syndetics Unbound is an online catalog enrichment service that combines the features of Syndetics Classic and LibraryThing for Libraries. It includes additional features not available with Syndetics Classic including :

  • Global coverage of books & media published in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, & New Zealand
  • Content for movies, music and video games
  • “You may also like,” browsable tags, series information, awards, and reading levels

The Enterprise public access catalog has always had jacket covers, review, and blurbs available, but now you’ll see more fully featured Readers’ Advisory tools embedded within record details without leaving the catalog.

For a more complete list of Unbound features, including a downloadable product flier, visit the WSL’s information page.

For questions about this service, contact .

Take and Share a Library Shelfie Today

Today is #LibraryShelfieDay. We’ve seen it celebrated two different ways: 1) take a photo of bookshelf spines and share it on social media, or 2) take a selfie in front of the shelves. We went with the shelves + people option and gathered in front of some of our government documents. Ours aren’t technically selfie/shelfies since someone else had to hold the camera, but still, the WSL staff got in on the action. Take your own, Tweet them, and tag them with #LibraryShelfieDay to play along!

(L to R) Paige Bredenkamp, Thomas Ivie, Chris Van Burgh

(L to R) Jamie Markus, Paige Bredenkamp, Chris Van Burgh, Thomas Ivie, Abby Beaver, Brian Greene

(L to R) Thomas Ivie, Chris Van Burgh, Karen Kitchens, Abby Beaver, Susan Mark, Brian Greene

January 2018 Outrider Now Available

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