Check Out the Seed Libraries of Wyoming

May 17, 2024

Washakie County Library System’s Seed Swap display

It’s springtime in Wyoming and (finally!) warm enough to plant flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables outdoors. Depending on your community’s area, elevation, and weather from year to year, gardening season in Wyoming often begins sometime in May. What does this have to do with libraries? Everything!

The Wyoming State Library recently conducted a survey regarding seed libraries in Wyoming. Here are some of the results:

Of the sixteen Wyoming libraries who responded, 50% are currently operating seed libraries including the Laramie County Library in Cheyenne, the Park County Library in Cody, the Fremont County Library in Lander, the Carbon County Libraries in Rawlins and Elk Mountain, the Niobrara County Library in Lusk, Big Horn County Library’s branch in Greybull, the Washakie County libraries, and the Converse County libraries.

Another 25% are in the process of creating a seed library for community use including the Teton County Library, the Lincoln County Library System’s branch in Star Valley, the Crook County Library System’s branch in Moorcroft, and the Johnson County libraries.

Of the libraries surveyed, all offer seeds free of charge to library patrons and do not require those who take seeds to bring seeds back after harvesting, although many do take donations of seeds.

Seed libraries vary in size and style. They can be as small and simple as a basket of seeds for patrons to leave and take seeds, as well as larger and more sophisticated collections kept in repurposed card catalogs, or other various containers.

No matter how your library supports the green-thumbed members of your community, whether it be with a seed library, gardening classes, kits in a library of things, or your collection of horticultural books and magazines, enjoy the beautiful summer weather, savor the beauty of the blooming flowers, and look forward to a bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables later this year!



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