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Depository Program

The WSL is required by Wyoming statute to maintain a state publications depository program. All state agencies must contribute their publications to the depository. There are almost 14,000 state pubs in our catalog, dating back to 1871, when the WSL was designated a Territorial Library.

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State Publications Defined

State Publications are defined as items of published information, regardless of format, paid for with state funds, directed by executive order, or mandated by legislation, and which are produced for public distribution. 

Download the documents below to learn more about the WSL’s depository program and how Wyoming state government agencies can help us to fulfill this mandate.

Digital Access

State Publications can be found online by searching WYLDCat, GoWYLD, the Wyoming Legislature website and the Wyoming State Publication DCS collection.

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State Library Cards

To receive special access and privileges, Wyoming state government employees can apply for a State Library card by phone, email, mail, in person, or by using the online registration form.

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Address: 2800 Central Ave., Cheyenne, WY 82002

After registration users will receive a card with a unique ID number as well as informative literature about the many resources available to patrons.