Converse County Libraries’ Host Annual Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating Events

Mar 14, 2024

The Converse County Libraries hosted their annual Ukrainian Easter egg decorating events at their Douglas and Glenrock locations on the evenings of March 5 and 6. The art of pysanky, egg decorating symbolizing nature’s rebirth in spring, is an ancient Slavic tradition involving a method of wax-resistance that produces beautiful and unique works of art.

Lisa McDonald, a third-generation Ukrainian, guided participants through this crafting workshop, and has been teaching pysanky classes for the Converse County Library System since moving to the area in 2017.

Aside from creating beautiful pysanky eggs, the event had another unexpected benefit–connection. During one of the classes, a patron came in to observe, and later revealed that he was from Ukraine. He was able to have a conversation with Lisa, who speaks Ukrainian fluently, and was able to make connections with other people from Ukraine in the area as a result.

“I was so happy that just by offering this class, we were able to help someone connect with others of his heritage, and maybe not to feel so much like a stranger in a strange land!” said Tamara Lehner, Adult Program Manager for the Converse County Library System.

The Converse County Library regularly hosts a variety of events for patrons of all ages. For more information, visit the Converse County Library website here.



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