COVID-19 and Holiday Memories

Nov 24, 2020

A happy family have a thanksgiving dinner and sends a video greeting to their parents by internet.How are you celebrating the holidays this year? Will you create menus with friends and family to share the experience via Zoom? Will you be hosting a Netflix party to watch a holiday classic film?

As the pandemic continues to impact our lives, the Wyoming State Archives and State Museum, the University of Wyoming American Heritage Center (AHC), and the Wyoming State Historical Society are working together to preserve your experiences and encourage our communities to take photographs, write stories, create artwork, interview friends and family, and tell us how you lived through this historic time and celebrated the holidays with friends, family, and loved ones. If you’re writing down your thoughts or capturing images, consider donating a copy to the State Archives or the AHC. If you prefer to reflect on social media, use the hashtag #Covid19WY.

Thanksgiving is a great time for sharing family memories and recording conversations with the older generation. Will you be missing your usual family gatherings, or gathering in a different way, such as by virtual platforms? Here are tips for conducting a COVID memory conversation.

For more information or to offer items, contact:

To send your digital memories directly to the State Archives, visit their website  and click on the COVID19 donations link. Participate in the AHC’s COVID-19 survey and learn more about the project here.

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