Crook County Library Reaches Endowment Challenge Goal

Apr 28, 2015


Crook County Library

Crook County Public Library System has hit its goal for the Wyoming Library Endowment Challenge! Crook was a 3:1 match county, so the $232,608 in local funds its Foundation raised were matched by $697,824 in state funds. The library also received $100,000 in incentive funds that were disbursed to each of the state’s libraries when they collectively raised $2.3 million.

Crook County Library hit its goal in a big way, submitting its final $139,396 in one big chunk to the State Treasurer’s Office. State matching funds in the amount of $418,189 were paid out yesterday. It was the seventh Wyoming library to hit its endowment goal. (See status for all libraries.)

Amendments to the Endowment Challenge passed by the 2015 Wyoming State Legislature have extended the deadline for libraries to meet their local fundraising goals until 2022 and allowed libraries to partner in their fundraising efforts. So far, Wyoming’s library foundations have raised nearly $7 million locally toward their endowments and received $14.6 million in state match and incentive funds.

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