Curtis Greubel Retiring from Wyoming State Archives

May 31, 2016

From the Wyoming State Archives

Curtis Greubel

Curtis Greubel

Curtis Greubel, state imaging center supervisor at the Wyoming State Archives, is retiring tomorrow after 29 years of service.

Greubel received an MA in History from Colorado State University, with an emphasis in archival management, in 1985. “It was about the time job opportunities for prospective archivists became scarce,” he said “I kept busy with volunteering and part-time jobs at CSU, the Fort Collins Museum, and with a microfilm/records storage business.” In 1987 the Wyoming State Archives hired him for a grant-funded archivist position involving arrangement and description of records from the State Engineer’s Office and from Wyoming governors. He worked on two grant-funded projects for Archives before he was selected for a permanent position.

In his time at the Wyoming State Archives, Greubel was involved in the continued effort to improve how information is managed and made more accessible, better meeting the needs of constituents. Over the years, the amount of material managed and stored there has grown, and the technology changed significantly.

“When I started, we typed letters and finding aids on typewriters,” he said. “Staff had to share our first computer.” Now that most information is created digitally, managing, preserving, and providing access to digital records has been a big challenge for archivists.

“The records at the Wyoming State Archives help document who we are and where we’ve come from,” Greubel said. “ I think that knowledge and the preservation of the historical record is very important, as is maintaining personal information needed by Wyoming’s residents. Being involved in that effort has been rewarding.”

Read the full interview with Greubel on the State Archives Wyoming Postscripts blog.

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