Enjoy Listening to Readings in GoWYLD for National Poetry Month

Apr 11, 2023

Feather illustration on "April is National Poetry Month" graphicCelebrate National Poetry Month by listening to poets reading their own works and some of the classics (Tennyson, Shakespeare, etc.). You have access to 879 video clips within Literature Online (LION), a resource in GoWYLD.net. Find it alphabetically or under Literature.

LION combines the texts of over 350,000 literary works with a vast library of key criticism and reference resources. Literature Online also includes audio and video content through its Poets on Screen recordings of poets and the Shakespeare Audio Plays collection.

On the Literature Online main page, scroll down to Poets On Screen and select. The results page is just an alphabetic list of poems. Either scroll and browse or use the Search within this publication search box at the top of Poets On Screen. Search by poet name or a topic or keywords from the title.


  • Collins
  • drink and boat
  • spring
  • Tennyson

Your search for spring will result in spring, springs, sprang, and sprung! By default, ProQuest evaluates the terms you enter to also look for US/UK spelling variants, comparatives (smaller, bigger), superlatives (smallest, biggest), and plurals. You will find a list of the authors on the left.

Your results will look like this: Collins and pubid(2047945) or spring and pubid(2047945). The pubid indicates that it is searching Poets On Screen (within the larger Literature Online)

Enjoy your exploration of poetry this month! For more information on this and other GoWYLD resources, contact your local library or Chris Van Burgh, Wyoming State Library Database Instruction Librarian, chris.vanburgh@wyo.gov.

If you have a question about this or any other article, please contact us at statelibrary@wyo.gov

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