Explore the World of Moths and Butterflies in GoWYLD

Jul 22, 2022

Closeup on a fresh emerged white striped Lunar Marbled Brown moth, Drymonia ruficornis with open wings on a green leafDid you know July 23-31 is National Moth Week? You can learn more about these fascinating creatures in GoWYLD!

Select Britannica Library and explore the world of moths and butterflies. In Britannica, go to Reference Center and click on Images & Video, then Animals–Insects-Butterflies and Moths to check out the cool Leopard Moth and Hummingbird Moth. You will also find a comparison chart of moths and butterflies.

To learn more, click on the Articles tab within Media Browse. Again, select Animals–Insects-Butterflies and Moths. This will give you the habitat and description.

Britannica Library is available for free from your library. Or, using your library card and PIN, you can access this resource from home.

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