Feedback Needed: Draft of Wyoming Digital Access Plan

Jul 20, 2023

Wyoming Digital Access PlanThrough extensive research, analysis and input from many people over the last several months, including those from the Wyoming library community, the Wyoming Broadband Office (WBO), part of the Wyoming Business Council (WBC), has completed a draft of the Wyoming Digital Access Plan and is seeking additional feedback.

This draft is currently available for download through August 17, 2023 on the WBC website or you can access the info directly from the links below.

Read the Plan | Provide Feedback

If you provided previous input, it has helped develop this plan, so please take a few minutes to review what it says and provide any additional comments that you may have.

Background Information:

This Digital Access Plan is being developed in advance of funds ($530,006) that the State of Wyoming expects to receive from the State Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). The draft plan includes a vision for digital access for the state, a set of goals to action that vision within Wyoming’s Digital Access grant program, current assets and barriers, and an implementation plan to achieve the goals and address the barriers identified. The grant program will focus on improving the affordability, adoption, and use of broadband throughout Wyoming.

For more information, contact Elaina Zempel (Wyoming Broadband Manager) at


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