Five Ways to Make Your Donation Page More Effective

Jan 6, 2017

Today, people expect to be able to donate to your library foundation or friends group online. Are you getting everything out of your online donation page you can? Marketing expert John Haydon points out 5 Donation Page Blunders That Kill Fundraising Response Rates. Here’s how to remedy them:

  1. Make sure your donation page works on mobile devices. Increasingly, people use their phones to access the Internet, including your fundraising page.
  2. Include an emotional hook that inspires people to give. Remember that stories about how their donations will make a difference in one person’s life are often the most powerful. (People give to people, not to numbers.)
  3. Keep your message consistent.
  4. Keep distractions to a minimum so that it’s easy for them to navigate the page.
  5. ASK clearly for their donation. Don’t be shy! You’re giving them a chance to make a difference in the world.

We will offer a 6th way — make sure you have a donation page, and make it easy to find. When fundraising is a strictly volunteer effort, this can be difficult, but you may wish to make it a priority. Your fundraising tallies will rise when people can easily find you and give to you online.

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