Free Continuing Education Events for January 30-31

Jan 29, 2023

Free, online, continuing education events for January 30-31 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Monday, Jan 30 (12-1:30 pm)
DEI Success Stories and Exceeding Expectations: Skilltype (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries)
During this livestreamed event, we will spend time with Tony Zanders (Founder & CEO at Skilltype) to discuss the role diversity has played in his startup’s success. In 2020, Skilltype ( was launched to help libraries become as data-driven managing their organizations as they are managing their collections. Members of the Skilltype team will also join to share their experiences being recruited to and working in the library technology industry. Join us for this informative and uplifting webinar about what’s possible when diversity is prioritized from the strategic level.

Monday, Jan 30 (2-3 pm)
How to Set Boundaries for Yourself and Your Team (GovLoop)
Knowing how to set boundaries is one of the most essential yet overlooked skills you need as a manager. Let’s face it, we are all tired, a bit burned out and ready to log off at the end of the day, so we need to set clear boundaries and expectations for our teams. Join us online to hear from a government expert on how to set your boundaries for yourself and your team.

Tuesday, Jan 31 (11-12 pm)
Annual Reports: Simplifying the Process for Maximum Donor Engagement (Productive Fundraising)
Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a workshop focused on simplifying the process of creating a nonprofit annual report. Chad will review the evolution of annual reports over the last 20+ years and provide multiple real life examples of what is working today. The focus of the session is on designing an annual report that donors actually want to read. Participants will leave the workshop with templates and samples to make implementing the best practices a breeze at their nonprofit organization.

Tuesday, Jan 31 (11-11:45 am)
5 Social Media Tips that Will Help You Turn heads and Raise Funds for Your Nonprofit (CharityHowTo)
In this Free webinar, Taylor Shanklin is going to bring her tips for how to get the most out of your social media even when you are busy and wearing a lot of hats.

Tuesday, Jan 31 (11-12:30 pm)
Revising the “Open” Paradigm: Justice-Oriented OEP for the Modern Information Worker (Lyrasis)
Equity-oriented Open Educational Practices (OEP) encompass more than the current paradigm in LIS often recognizes. For instance, gaps exist which could be addressed in community collaboration, participatory design, and content ownership practices. In this workshop, we will discuss the intersection of social justice and epistemic justice with OEP, which will lay the foundation for understanding how to ethically and sustainably engage with community partners. Tools and resources that support this work will be shared during this session, as well as recommendations for alternative assessment methods that will aid in sharing the story of the community-engaged work.

Tuesday, Jan 31 (12-1 pm)
What’s the Point of APA Style? Relevance of a Writing Style to Life After Graduation (APA Style)
Every librarian knows that many students are skeptical—or even highly resistant—to learn APA Style. Students often perceive APA Style as being relevant only to writing papers for school, but in fact, APA Style helps students develop many communication skills relevant to life after graduation. In this webinar, the APA Style team will explore how librarians can increase students’ buy-in to learning APA Style by demonstrating how learning and using a writing style will help students in any career they pursue.

Tuesday, Jan 31 (12-1 pm)
How to Get Organized at Work (GovLoop)
What does your inbox look like? It’s probably quite hectic as you get back into the swing of things after a busy start to the year. So, as you stare down your month-long to-do list, how do you keep from feeling overwhelmed? Join us online to hear from a government expert about how to organize your work to be more efficient and effective in your day-to-day.

Tuesday, Jan 31 (1-2 pm)
Cut Costs and Get Creative with Nonprofit Appeals (Firespring)
Fundraising, as we know it, has shifted in these uncertain times. But that doesn’t mean we should stop asking for support. As nonprofits, we’re no stranger to cutting costs and finding ways to be creative. If you’re in crisis mode, join us for this informative session with Firespring’s director of nonprofit solutions, Kiersten Hill, followed by an interactive Q&A.

Tuesday, Jan 31 (5-6:30 pm)
Podcasting 101: Using Podcasts in Your Classroom (TeachersFirst)
Looking to change things up in your classroom? Try using podcasts! Improve your students’ listening comprehension skills, build academic vocabulary, and strengthen literacy skills with this easy-to-use, research-based instructional strategy. Join us and learn to find appropriate podcasts and use them instructionally.

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