Free Continuing Education Events for October 1-4

Oct 1, 2020

Free, online, continuing education events for October 1-4 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Thursday, Oct 1 (9-10 am)
How Some Nonprofits have Thrived during COVID-19…the art of “Pivoting” (Bloomerang)
The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly impacted every person and every business on the planet. Many national and international nonprofits have been hit hard. Many will be downsized or simply not survive. Drawing on examples from around the globe, this fast and furious session will open your mind to what is possible in times of crisis.

Thursday, Oct 1 (10-10:45 am)
Gaining Media Attention For Your Nonprofit: Telling your “Golden Pear” Stories (Nonprofit Learning Lab)
This workshop will focus on gaining media attention for your nonprofit organization. Many nonprofits do critically important, life-saving work but yet struggle to gain a following of donors and media attention. AmFund’s COO Deborah Marshall and Director of Strategic Initiatives Kalley Dunn will take you through some successful strategies to share your message and convey your “Golden Pear” stories, which in turn result in more donations.

Thursday, Oct 1 (10-11 am)
Never Grow Up: Dutch Children’s Books in Translation (School Library Journal)
Join award-winning authors Annet Schaap, Edward van de Vendel and Jef Aerts, along with translator Laura Watkinson, for a lively conversation about the joys of working with translators, Dutch cultural differences and similarities, artistic risk-taking, and what they hope young US readers will discover in their newest works. Settle in for a dynamic discussion on culture, poetry, language and imagination, moderated by Carmen Boston, Children’s Librarian, DC Public Library.

Thursday, Oct 1 (11-12 pm)
What’s New in Donor Management Systems? (IdealWare)
We’ll guide you as you think through the major decision points that go into selecting a new system including what to track, how the system manages data, ease of use, and cost. We will be introducing our publication, A Consumer’s Guide to Low-Cost Fundraising Software, launching Tuesday, September 29. We’ll have a panel available to explore the latest trends and best practices in selecting a software. You’ll learn they types of questions to ask in order to determine your nonprofit’s needs.

Thursday, Oct 1 (11-12:30 pm)
How PubMed® Works: Introduction (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
Learn about what PubMed is and what’s included in it. We’ll explore how to find the original research that is the basis for a news article and we’ll spend time searching for articles by a specific author and searching on a specific subject. We’ll do exercises to narrow results to a more specific set of results. And lastly, we’ll explore the Advanced Search Builder and search history.

Friday, Oct 2 (12-1 pm)
Zoom Breakout Rooms PART 3 Test Drive 3: Selected Strategies, Features, Activities (TLT Group)
Designated Test Driver Bonnie Mullinix will introduce & demonstrate strategies and features that support active, effective participation in Zoom Breakout Rooms;  e.g., options for assigning participants to groups;  and for using Google Docs to guide breakout group tasks, and to facilitate the collection, sharing, & reporting of group responses.

Friday, Oct 2 (12-1 pm)
Strong Women and Girls (Booklist)
Booklist’s yearlong Women in Focus celebration, honoring the hundredth anniversary of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, continues! In this free, hour-long webinar, representatives from ECW Press, Lorimer Children & Teens, Macmillan Publishers, and Shadow Mountain Publishing will spotlight titles for all ages (adults, teens, and young readers) that put the voices of women and girls everywhere front and center. For the latest in extraordinary female protagonists, friendships, triumphs, and more, join us on Friday, October 2!

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