Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of April 15

Apr 15, 2019

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of April 15 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Monday, Apr 15 (10-11 am)
How to Put AI to Work (Harvard Business Review)
On April 15th Tom Davenport will lead an interactive Harvard Business Review webinar that draws from his most recent book, The AI Advantage: How to Put the Artificial Intelligence Revolution to Work. Davenport will discuss: Major AI technologies available today; How companies are using AI for practical business benefits; How to use AI to make your company more efficient; and more.

Tuesday, Apr 16 (11-11:45 pm)
How to Turn Event Guests Into Donors (Charity How To)
Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy-to-follow strategy that helped organizations engage event guests and turn them into donors? In this free 45-minute live webinar, event planning expert A.J. Steinberg will show you how to make guests feel the love at your event and turn that into long-term supporters.

Tuesday, Apr 16 (11-12 pm)
How Nonprofits Can Raise More Money Through Crowdfunding (Nonprofit Tech for Good)
This webinar will walk through the basics of crowdfunding so that your nonprofit can utilize this growing fundraising method to bring in more money for your cause.

Tuesday, Apr 16 (11-12 pm)
Impact Discussion: The Challenges and Strategies of Reaching Hard to Reach Girls with STEM Education (National Girl’s Collaborative Project)
This interactive discussion is hosted by the National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) and is facilitated by the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES). The goal of this conversation is to help inform the work being done by AISES and others in their efforts to reach girls that are hard to reach with STEM learning opportunities. This hour has been designed to crowd-source and share broadly the lessons learned from girl-serving STEM programs reaching girls with additional barriers to STEM education.

Tuesday, Apr 16 (12-1 pm)
Social Media and Volunteer Engagement (VolunteerMatch)
Volunteer engagement is changing. What do you need to know about social media as a volunteer program manager? How can you use social media to promote your volunteer opportunities and recruit volunteers? This webinar will offer an introduction to including social media in your volunteer recruitment and retention plans. You’ll see examples of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages, as well as blogs that other nonprofits have successfully used to draw attention to their organizations and volunteer opportunities. You’ll also learn about the social media tools available as part of your VolunteerMatch account that can help you promote your volunteer opportunity on other social networking sites.

Tuesday, Apr 16 (12-1:30 pm)
PubMed for Librarians: Building and Refining a Search (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
PubMed for Librarians: Building and Refining Your Search, is a synchronous online session that includes hands-on exercises. This class will focus on using some of the tools and features built into PubMed that are designed to help you search more effectively. We will also learn how to coordinate MeSH terms the way Indexers do and we’ll explore the Index feature to build a search and explore topics. We will look at the Filters Sidebar and Topic-Specific Queries.

Tuesday, Apr 16 (12:30-1:30 pm)
AnyAbility: Serving Adults with Disabilities (Indiana State Library)
Learn about one library’s experience creating programs that have grown into engaging experiences where adults with disabilities connect with their community, interact with peers, and utilize library resources.  As a result of the AnyAbility program, library staff are more comfortable using people-first language, have rewarding interactions with customers with disabilities, and have positively changed the dynamic of the library.

Wednesday, Apr 17 (10-11 am)
Inquiry, Exploration, Problem-solving: Nurturing STEM Thinking in All Young Learners (AbleNet)
Get onboard on an adventure trip to capitalize on young children’s natural inclinations curiosity, ask questions and exploration – to prepare them to be 21st century STEM thinkers. This session will build educator knowledge and skills on how to create learning environments and experiences that will support investigation, problem-solving and critical thinking in all young children (from preschool to grade one) to promote their higher order thinking and concept development.

Wednesday, Apr 17 (11-12 pm)
How to Effectively Use Your Digital Library (School Library Journal)
Are you considering building a digital library for your school? If you don’t have anyone on your staff that’s comfortable with technology, it can seem intimidating. But it’s not as hard as you may think. In this webinar, we’ll show you how Cucamonga School District in California was able to quickly and easily upgrade their digital library with the help of OverDrive –  and the fantastic educational benefits their students gained as a result of the new program.

Wednesday, Apr 17 (11-12 pm)
There’s an App for That! Tips to Evaluate Consumer Apps for Health (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
Mobile applications connect more people to health, wellness, and fitness information than ever before. Across all mobile platforms, fitness and health applications are some of the most popular and most frequently downloaded. This webinar focuses on understanding how to evaluate apps and provides information about recommended apps. Selected apps will be discussed.

Wednesday, Apr 17 (12-1 pm)
Collaborating with Local Health Organizations to Address Health Disparities in your Community (Colorado State Library)
We now accept that our race and socioeconomic status affects our health. Recognizing these indirect factors is the first step in addressing and promoting health to the patrons we serve. In this presentation participants will learn about the factors that affect health, as well as local health resources that libraries can access to provide free or low-cost health programming. Lastly, we will discuss online health resources, other than Google, that are available to help connect patrons to reliable health information that will help them achieve their full health potential.

Wednesday, Apr 17 (1-1:30 pm)
School Readiness Webinar Series, Part 4: Overview of the School Readiness Toolkit (Infopeople)
Join us for a 20 to 30 minute overview of the different components of the toolkit and how to make the most of the resources provided. This time will be followed by an open Q & A – we invite you to voice all of your questions! The Reimagining School Readiness Toolkit is a suite of research-backed resources created for librarians to help families prepare children ages 0 to 8 for success in school and in life.

Wednesday, Apr 17 (5-6 pm)
Comics Librarianship: Essential Tools for the School Librarian (American Association of School Librarians)
Comics are increasingly taught in schools, and included in academic libraries, and school librarianship presents its own unique challenges and requirements. In this discussion teachers, creators, book distributors, and library experts will offer details on where to find quality reviews, collection development assistance, programming tools and ideas, and more!

Thursday, Apr 18 (12-1 pm)
5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Media Relations Strategy (Bloomerang)
Join Antionette Kerr, Co-Author of the book Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits, to learn 3 simple ways to boost coverage. Kerr will focus on making your G.R.E.A.T. [Goal-Oriented, Responsive, Empowered, Attractive and Targeted] media relations strategy.

Thursday, Apr 18 (1-2 pm)
The Power of Small: How Rural Libraries Help Their Communities Thrive (WebJunction)
Addressing the challenges faced by rural areas may seem daunting to a library with few staff and limited resources, but any tiny library can find more ways to support the needs of their community by thinking strategically and creating new connections with their stakeholders, patrons, and other library staff. Learn how small library director and 2018 Library Journal Mover & Shaker, Allie Stevens, applied the concept of growth mindsets to set her priorities, use resources and volunteers smartly, and avoid burnout as a solo librarian. Follow her lead to turn your library into a powerhouse for your community.

Thursday, Apr 18 (3-4 pm)
Collection Development in the School Library (School Library Connection)
A dynamic and relevant collection draws students and teachers into the library and keeps them coming back. But how do you ensure that your library’s collection has the right mix of resources and authors for your unique school community? Join Melissa Thom for this webinar, where she’ll share practical strategies to help you identify and fill gaps in your collection, from print, to eBooks, to audiobooks, keeping diversity at the forefront of decision-making. Plus, she’ll discuss best practices to share the collection with students, staff, and the larger community so that you can be sure your carefully curated resources are used to their fullest potential!

Thursday, Apr 18 (6-7 pm)
#classroombookaday: Three Teachers’ Journey to Foster a Love of Reading (Follett)
The practice known as #classroombookaday allows teachers to do what they love (read and share books) and gives them rich, authentic literature to use as mentor texts or for independent reading. Join us to learn more about #classroombookaday and how each of these experienced educators is using this experience to grow readers.

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