Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of April 18

Apr 17, 2022

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of April 18 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Tuesday, Apr 19 (10-11 am)
Empowering Your Community: Using Health Literacy to Help Patients Become Their Own Health Advocate (Network of the National Library of Medicine)
As your own patient advocate, you are an active participant, but to be effective you have to develop your own health literacy. That means knowing where to obtain credible and timely healthcare information, and then reading and understanding it so you can ask questions and make well-informed decisions directly impacting your health. By empowering community members through improving patient health literacy, overall health will improve along with quality of life.  The more you know the better you will feel.

Tuesday, Apr 19 (12-12:20 pm)
Quick Bites: Serving Spanish Speaking Caregivers (Colorado State Library)
Join Claudeth Castellanos from the Loveland Public Library and explore best practices for supporting Spanish speaking parents and Family, Friend, and Neighbor caregivers. All children can develop early language and literacy skills in a culturally responsive library environment focused on caregiver support.

Tuesday, Apr 19 (12-1 pm)
Is Your Team Thriving? Tips for Building Buy-In and Trust (GovLoop)
Despite our best efforts, sometimes teams can get stuck. They get accustomed to working with the systems and processes that dictate their day-to-day work, and resist any changes, even when it’s in their best interest. This is a major hurdle when it comes time for an organizational shift. To make positive changes stick, and transform the culture on your team, you need buy-in. Join NextGen and GovLoop online Tuesday, April 19 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT, to hear from a government expert about how to cultivate buy-in for team success.

Tuesday, Apr 19 (1-2 pm)
W.I.S.E. Up: Women, Inclusion, and Self-Empowerment (Training Magazine Network)
Women are leaving organizations at alarming levels, there are several reasons for the departure one of which is the lack of inclusion. They are rethinking going back to an environment in which wasn’t meeting their needs. Creating an inclusive work environment where women are both valued and respected for being a contributing member of the organization is not a solidary journey. It takes determination and commitment at ALL levels. When people are aligned around the same values, expectations, and actions of inclusion, they work more smoothly together. There is a satisfaction that comes with working for an individual and company that you feel really values and respects you.  This results in utilizing the unique talents women have, tapping into their capabilities, lowering turnover rates, increasing morale, employee referrals, and a more positive company reputation pertaining to the treatment of women.

Tuesday, Apr 19 (1-2 pm)
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Demystified (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
Join Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for a webinar designed to help you understand the steps to qualify and apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness. We will help you understand the PLSF requirements, including these temporary changes, and give you practical tips to help you navigate the process.

Tuesday, Apr 19 (5-6:15 pm)
Summer Reading Implementation (American Association of School Librarians)
During this webinar presented by the AASL Independent Schools Section, panelists from lower school through high school will share their summer reading activities, from book circles to book challenges to postcard reviews and beyond.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Starting a Board Game Club at a Small Library (Nebraska Library Commission)
The Lied Scottsbluff Public Library is excited to announce the beginning of a new program: the Scottsbluff Library Board Game Club! As opposed to video or online games, board games fully engage people with one another, utilize so many different aspects of communication and body language, and can foster an atmosphere of teamwork and shared fun that is difficult to find anywhere else. And the great thing about starting a library board game group is that the initial startup costs can be minimal.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (9-10 am)
Digital Fundraising 101: Building People Powered Movements with Small-Dollar Donors (NonprofitHub)
Folks all over the country have banded together to fight the impact of the pandemic, combat racism and systems of oppression, and protect our democracy. In digital fundraising 101, you will understand why small-dollar donors are an important part of this work, and the importance of forming a powerful base of supporters who are ready to get involved and become agents for progressive change.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (10-11 am)
Program Management: 3 Core Strategies to Reach Your Goals (Nonprofit Learning Lab)
Do your staff and volunteers have the tools and resources they need to effectively manage your organization’s programs and services? This webinar will focus on 3 core strategies, including implementing program fidelity, strategies for onboarding, and understanding staff capacity. As nonprofit leaders, you entrust staff and volunteers to effectively implement programs. Do you have the tools and systems available? Leave this webinar with program management strategies to implement.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (11-12 pm)
Broadband Improvements: Free Planning Tools for Libraries (WebJunction)
Access to the internet through broadband connections has become a critical service in libraries, allowing staff and patrons to learn, connect and grow. But libraries with limited support for information technology (IT) may be challenged with how to assess broadband and related technologies to keep these services up to date. Join this session to learn how to use the Toward Gigbagit Libraries toolkit―a free, self-service guide created to help libraries understand and improve their IT capacities and broadband resources. The toolkit can help staff better articulate the library’s needs to leadership, policy makers, and broadband service providers, in order to improve on digitally serving the community and planning for the future.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (12-1 pm)
Lifting Voices: Native Voices in YA (Mackin)
Join acclaimed authors Andrea L. Rodgers (Cherokee), Anton Treuer (Leech Lake, Ojibwe), and Printz Honor-author Eric Gansworth (Onondaga) as they discuss the importance of Native storytelling, representation, and perspectives in YA literature, with Levine Querido Executive Editor, Nick Thomas. Follow along as they discuss the challenges and struggles Indigenous writers face—inside and outside their respective communities—as well as the opportunities they see for elevating the role of Indigenous narratives and storytelling structures within popular culture.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (12-1 pm)
The M in STEM: Math in Everyday Life (National Girls Collaborative Program/Million Girl Moonshot)
This webinar will focus on ways math is prevalent and relevant in everyday life, including in afterschool spaces. We will learn about ways to recognize and embrace authentic math moments and activities to help engage afterschool youth in math.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (12-1 pm)
Library Patrons’ Privacy: How to Navigate Concerns with Emerging Technology (Niche Academy)
This webinar will introduce several considerations for professionals when introducing emerging technology within a library environment.

Wednesday, Apr 20 (1-2:30 pm)
Makers in the Library: Developing and Sustaining a Community-Centered Makerspace (Webinar Series) (InfoPeople)
Implementation: The Nitty Gritty of Planning and Preparing Creative Maker Experiences (Webinar 3)–This webinar series will showcase steps for building and sustaining a maker program in any library and introduces an ongoing process that incorporates, shares and values insights of the community. It is based on the Makers in the Library Toolkit, a practical guide created over three years in collaboration with a group of diverse libraries throughout California.

Thursday, Apr 21 (10-11 am)
Social Fundraising Simplified: How to Make Your Giving Campaign Stand Out Online (Bloomerang)
If you’ve ever wondered why some online fundraisers go “viral” while others fall totally flat, this training is for you! Learn the power of online fundraising, how to stand out on social media, and why growing your visibility online is essential.

Thursday, Apr 21 (12-1 pm) Webinar (Law Library of Congress)
This orientation is designed to give a basic overview of While the focus of the session will be searching legislation and the congressional member information attached to the legislation, the new features of will also be highlighted.

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