Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of April 2

Apr 2, 2018

Free, online, continuing education events for this week from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Monday, Apr 2 (11-12 pm)
Jumpstart Your Week (Motivate Monday)
How are nonprofit professionals jumpstarting their week with purpose? Join us for Motivate Monday where: We share your wins; Feature a special guest with a quick tip to get your week started right; And close with a Q&A session.

Monday, Apr 2 (3:15-4 pm)
Libraries Enhancing Rural Access for Neighbors (LEARN) Project (University of Wyoming ECHO in Assistive Technology)
In this session, the Wyoming Assistive Technology Resources (WATR) and Wyoming State Library (WSL) will highlight their collaboration to increase assistive technology (AT) awareness through AT Toolkits at a Wyoming library near you. Learn about the AT that is inside and how to get your hands on these amazing tools.

Tuesday, Apr 3 (10-11 am)
NERF Squadron: Chaos with a Purpose (Washington State Library)
We started off with a simple idea; Bring your NERF gun (or use ours), and a friend (or make some here), and let’s battle! What began as a serendipitous brainstorm has grown into one of our most successful teen programs. Middle and High School students are invited to the library after-hours and enjoy a monthly event that encourages exercise, friendly competition, and teamwork. Join us as we discuss best practices, what scenarios you can play, and how you can adapt and scale the program for your library. Presented by Nick Madsen, Community Library Network.

Tuesday, Apr 3 (12-1 pm)
In a Volunteer Recruitment Rut? Steps to Up Your Tech Game (VolunteerMatch)
Join VolunteerMatch and the Association for Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE) for this upcoming webinar where we’ll share insights into recruiting great volunteers online and tips for crafting an irresistible volunteer opportunity.

Tuesday, Apr 3 (12-1 pm)
Library Love for LibraryReads (Booklist)
Do you participate in LibraryReads, the monthly nationwide public library staff picks list for adult fiction and nonfiction? Are you thinking about it? Join us for this free, one-hour webinar where we’ll show you how to participate. Representatives from Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and W. W. Norton will present forthcoming books perfect for public libraries and LibraryReads nominations.

Tuesday, Apr 3 (12-1 pm)
Marketing-as-a-Service: An Introduction to USAGov’s Partnership Toolkit (DigitalGov)
USAGov recognizes that all of us as agencies have a common mission: to serve the public. We work with different agency partners to educate and inform them on various government programs and services. Through these partnerships, we not only engage and guide different audiences, but work to steadily demystify what it means to “market in the Government.”

Wednesday, Apr 4 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Building a Future: The Big Move (Nebraska Library Commission)
The Timbrook Library, the busiest branch in the Campbell County Public Library System, located in Central Virginia, spent decades waiting for new construction. They operated out of a bookmobile (which eventually broke down and went up on blocks), a room in a school, and a storefront for many years before moving into a standalone building with amenities such as meetings spaces, tutor rooms, and a lunch room. The move was not without its own challenges. As we celebrate our second anniversary in the building, we’ll discuss the bumps and bruises (physical and on some egos) which occurred during the month-long move, how we handled this massive change, and how our team came through stronger than ever.

Wednesday, Apr 4 (11-12 pm)
Introduction to Digital Preservation Basics (Treasure State Academic Information & Library Services)
Please join us for a simple introduction to digital archiving and digital preservation! This webinar is jointly hosted by the TRAILS Digital Preservation Committee and the TRAILS Professional Development Committee. UM Digital Archivist, Professor Erin Baucom, will present digital preservation at a basic level that is suitable for both content creators of and archivists/librarians who will receive digital objects.

Wednesday, Apr 4 (11-12 pm)
It’s a New World: How to Cultivate Your Community Online (Firespring)
Join Dana Ostomel, Firespring’s vice president of nonprofit industry development, to discover the secret sauce of cultivating a community primed and ready to support you.

Wednesday, Apr 4 (11-12 pm)
Obtain & Utilize Donor Data Effectively to Increase Giving (Network for Good)
Database-phobes do not fear. In this webinar we’ll dig into the fundamentals of collecting donor information and how to use that information to better cultivate and steward your donors.

Wednesday, Apr 4 (12-1 pm)
School & Public Library Partnerships: STEAM to Students (Indiana State Library)
Join Deb Gaff, youth services librarian at the Bartholomew County Public Library—and former teacher—as she discusses the STEAM programs she does for students both in school and at BCPL.  These programs include Coder Dojo, working with robots, a Nick & Tesla book club, and more.  She’ll explain how BCPL got started with these initiatives, share strategies for establishing a relationship with schools, and offer tips for libraries who may have less resources than BCPL.

Wednesday, Apr 4 (12-1 pm)
Trust, Technology, and Storytelling: How Social Changes Impact Fundraising (Blackbaud)
Trust in media, brands, and traditional gatekeepers is declining. Formerly influential voices no longer move opinions, and there’s less certainty in the world. At the same time, individuals are becoming consumers AND creators of media as result of mobile apps and social networking platforms. Your fundraising must pivot and adjust to these trends: What will it take to remain effective, grow support, and drive engagement? In this webinar, Fundraising and Communications Expert Michael Hoffman—founder of social good marketing agency See3, the DoGooder Video Awards, and tech startup Gather Voices—will provide answers. Join him to learn how storytelling and powerful tech can drive next-level acquisition and retention.

Wednesday, Apr 4 (12-1 pm)
Librarian’s Guide to Trade Data, Part 8: U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Federal Depository Library Program)
Participants will learn how to use the Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ Transborder Freight Data website as well as features on the “Trade” web page of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Wednesday, Apr 4 (1-2 pm)
An Introduction to Online Fundraising for Small and Medium-Sized Nonprofits (Charity How To)
Online fundraising is the fasting growing segment of giving. Donors of all ages are using their smartphones, tablets, and computers to connect with causes and to give money to fundraising campaigns. During this free nonprofit webinar, you’ll learn the tactics to successfully raise money online for your nonprofit, even if you are a small or midsize organization. This webinar will detail the basics of an online fundraising campaign;  how social media & online tools can be used to raise more money; ways you can fit online giving into your long-term strategy;  and Julia’s 10 steps to online fundraising success!

Wednesday, Apr 4 (2-3 pm)
Librarians’ Insights on How to Integrate Technology into Makerspaces (School Library Journal)
In this webinar, Dr. Azadeh Jamalian, Head of Education Strategy at littleBits, discusses best practices on bringing hands-on coding and STEAM into your school’s library makerspace and STEM labs. She’ll review pilot and case studies examining STEM implementation in elementary and middle school libraries and makerspaces, and she’ll provide important take-aways applicable for different programs.

Wednesday, Apr 4 (5-6 pm)
Making & Assessing Learner Connections through the AASL Standards (American Association of School Librarians)
This highly informative session will investigate the application of the framework in library lessons. She’ll discuss designing and enhancing learner experiences using the Shared Foundations and learner Competencies in the National School Library Standards. Participants will also be introduced to student assessment opportunities provided through the AASL Standards.

Thursday, Apr 5 (10-11 am)
The New CEO Activism: What Leaders Must Know (Harvard Business Review)
In this interactive HBR webinar, Toffel and Chatterji will share lessons from executives who are part of the new “CEO activism.” They’ll explore these leaders’ strategies for avoiding zero-sum debates, coming out ahead with a strong stand, and reframing and redirecting controversial issues.

Thursday, Apr 5 (11-12 pm)
Industry and Campus Webinar: Why Security and Privacy Shouldn’t Be Enemies (EduCause)
The higher education sector faces a unique set of challenges that begin with the basic characteristics and behaviors of its users: students, faculty, and staff are constantly on the move, plugging into university resources from many locations and different devices without restrictions on their online traffic. This behavior makes the sensitive information they hold a “juicy” target for cyberattackers. While this scenario may warrant setting up harsh restrictions, a university is a dynamic place, fostering a free exchange of ideas, and we all want it to remain so. This session will explore how advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) are making it possible to solve this huge challenge.

Thursday, Apr 5 (11-12 pm)
Selecting Accounting and Financial Management Software for Your Nonprofit (IdealWare)
In this webinar, we will present findings from our brand new Idealware research report, Selecting Financial Management Software For Your Nonprofit, then host a panel discussion to help you understand the landscape of financial management software and how to find the right fit.

Thursday, Apr 5 (11-12:30 pm)
PubMed for Librarians: Using Evidence-Based Search Features (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)
The webinar will explore Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) used for indexing study design and how they work in PubMed, introduce 3 PubMed products that facilitate evidence based searching, and demonstrate how to customize My NCBI Filters to quickly locate specific publication types.

Thursday, Apr 5 (12-1 pm)
CopyTalk: Are librarians confident assessing fair use? (District Dispatch)
Presented by Sara Benson, Copyright Librarian at the University of Illinois. Sara will discuss her study to measure both academic librarian confidence and comprehension of fair use. The results, though limited in scope, provide encouraging evidence that appropriate training, even on a time-limited level, can help library professionals improve their knowledge of fair use.

Thursday, Apr 5 (12:30-1:30 pm)
Online Fundraising Best Practices for Nonprofits (Firespring)
In this educational session, Jay will share best practices—including detailed formulas that every nonprofit should be using—to track the effectiveness of their fundraising efforts.

Thursday, Apr 5 (1-1:30 pm)
Mysterious, Magical, and Mischievous: A Sneak Peek of Newly Selected Middle Grade Books (Junior Library Guild)
Listen in as JLG editors Susan Marston, Liz Gavril, and Maria Wang discuss some of the must-read books their team hand-picked for middle school this spring. From high-interest novels and engaging nonfiction to thrilling fantasies and mysteries, they will share new titles that will help you provide the right books for your readers. Appropriate for grades 5 – 8 school and public librarians and educators.

Thursday, Apr 5 (2-3 pm)
Promoting Meaningful Making in Your School (Demco)
In this webinar, maker expert Nicholas Provenzano will share with you the many different ways to create an inclusive, meaningful and accessible makerspace that will allow students to explore and learn in the ways that matter most to them. Not all makerspaces are created equal, and this webinar will help you tailor your space to the needs of your students and your teachers.

Friday, Apr 6 (12-1 pm)
6 Essentials for Teams that Work (Effectiveness Institute)
Learn what it takes to build your high performance team. The strongest and most effective teams tap into and activate the strengths of every team member and build an environment rich with trust and respect.This allows for open communication and cohesiveness, which enables a team to rise to its full potential and overcome any obstacle to achieve desired results. Learn how you can build a breakthrough team by participating in our one-hour webinar.

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