Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of August 15

Aug 14, 2022

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of August 15 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Aug 18 (9-1:45 pm)
Training Industry Leader Talk: Developing a Strategic Plan (Training Industry)
Great training organizations understand that aligning learning and development initiatives with business objectives is crucial to their success. Learning leaders can only earn a seat at the table by understanding the business’ strategic goals, vision and mission, and by identifying the skills employees need to move the organization forward. During this Training Industry Leader Talk, industry experts will share actionable insights on identifying training needs and creating training programs that support business goals. Multiple sessions.


Tuesday, Aug 16 (11-12 pm)
Trends in Building Cultures of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 2.0 (Training Industry)
Ever wonder what high-performing companies with forward progress in their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives are doing that sets them apart? Want to learn how to enable leaders to embrace the inclusive leadership behaviors essential to creating a standout employee experience and culture?

Tuesday, Aug 16 (11-12 pm)
From Awareness to IMPACT: How Your Brand Can Drive Higher Value (Blackbaud)
At The Smithee Group, Ben Smithee has been helping leaders and businesses dream bigger and achieve more. He’ll sit down with us to discuss how brand is the only thing that separates an organization from the “sea of sameness.” He’ll share his perspective of how a powerful brand allows an organization to drive higher value and cataclysmic demand—and unfortunately, it is the biggest thing lacking by so many organizations today. We’re excited for Ben to walk us through the components of brand IMPACT and what it means to create a relevant brand in today’s digital ecosystem.

Tuesday, Aug 16 (12-1 pm)
Cultivating Civility and Resilience in Libraries: Challenges and Solutions (Association of Southeastern Research Libraries)
Would you like to be part of the solution to creating a functional library work environment with workplace communications that are complete and clear?  During this webinar, the participants will take you through the journey of their groundbreaking books “Cultivating Civility” and “The Dysfunctional Library”.  Here their insights, suggestions and solutions to a problem that has plagued some libraries for decades.

Tuesday, Aug 16 (12-1 pm)
Fall Adult Faves (Booklist)
What pairs nicely with autumn sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes? New fall books! Whether you are looking for your next great read, searching for a great book club pick, or doing your holiday shopping early, you’ll want to make sure these upcoming adult titles are on your radar.

Tuesday, Aug 16 (1-2 pm)
A Sign of the Times: Agency & Voice in Middle Grade Literature (Mackin)
Join New York Times bestselling authors Jewell Parker Rhodes (Ghost Boys, Paradise on Fire) and John Cho (Troublemaker) for a riveting conversation with educator Sarah Park Dahlen on middle grade literature. They will discuss writing exciting, emotionally rich fiction that features young people navigating the challenges of their families and neighborhoods, while exploring some of America’s most urgent social movements.

Tuesday, Aug 16 (5:30-6:30 pm)
Understanding Special Education Series (PACER Center)
Prepare for back to school with this three-part workshop series. Participants will gain an overall understanding of special education, its purpose, and the process. At the end of this presentation, you will understand the big picture of special education, the steps in the process, and how to go about obtaining an educational evaluation. Part 2 is on Aug 23 and Part 3 is on Aug 30.

Wednesday, Aug 17 (9-10 am)
Leading Beyond Words (North Carolina Library Association)
This panel discussion will focus on supporting library professionals of color not acting as educators but rather encouraging accountability of the majority.

Wednesday, Aug 17 (11-11:30 am)
The 7 Fundamentals of a Monthly Giving Program (CharityHowTo)
If you’re thinking about starting a monthly giving program, this free nonprofit webinar is for you!

Thursday, Aug 18 (9-10 am)
Open Access Master Class for Academics: Open Access by the Numbers (Library Journal)
The final webinar in the series will focus on Open Access statistics of all kinds. This quick paced session will provide data on OA publishing, giving participants a good understanding of the quality and quantity of OA content available today. Then panelists will share what they have learned from usage analytics for their libraries’ OA collections. Get the data you need to create an informed Open Access strategy for your library.

Thursday, Aug 18 (11-12 pm)
Bat Week in Libraries 2022 (Montana State Library)
Bat Week is a week-long education and awareness campaign that seeks to teach local communities about the importance and awesomeness of bats! Webinar attendees will learn about the history of Bat Week in Montana, learn what resources are available for them to host programming in their communities, learn how to request a bat package, learn more about bats, and where to find reputable information about bats!

Thursday, Aug 18 (11-12:30 pm)
Preparing for Extreme Weather: Fire and Hurricane (Foundation for Advancement in Conservation)
The past few years have seen an increase in cultural institutions dealing with various extreme disasters. In this webinar we will feature two examples of extreme weather, wildfires and hurricanes, and how staff at two institutions dealt with preparation, impact, and ramifications for these common types of extreme weather.

Thursday, Aug 18 (12-1 pm)
There’s a Week for That: Exploring Federal Government Resources for Diverse Weekly Celebrations (Federal Depository Library Program)
Looking for something to do in the coming weeks of the year? Then join us for a look at the resources available from the Government for celebrating a wide variety of weeks. There’s National Nurses Week, National Health Education Week, Celebrating Women in Construction Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Exceptional Children’s Week. If you have become alienated from a friend or family member, you can take advantage of National Reconciliation Week. For those of us in the library and information world, there’s Book Week, Banned Book Week, and National Library Week. This webinar will include Federal, state, and local resources, as well as offer some resources in other languages.

Thursday, Aug 18 (3-4 pm)
Building Strong Digital Citizens: News and Media Literacy in the Classroom (edWeb)
Whether scrolling through social media or conducting research for term papers, students encounter a startlingly wide range of news and media daily. With the start of the school year, how can you set the stage in the classroom for your students to think critically about what they read, watch, and hear online? What steps can you take to help students understand and analyze their information landscape, and how can you lay the foundation for responsible digital citizenship? In this edWebinar, hear creative ideas, advice, and solutions to these questions from some of the News Literacy Project’s NewsLit Nation ambassadors, educators who serve as community news literacy advocates.

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