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Aug 1, 2021

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of August 2 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Monday, Aug 2 (10-11 am)
How to get $10,000 a month in free advertising from Google (Utah State Library)
Yes, you really can place ads on Google at no cost; you just have to learn how. This webinar will include links and instructions to get you started. It’s vital for your library to be visible on Google, where nearly everyone starts their searches. Meet the public where they are, and increase their awareness and usage of any of your library’s resources.

Monday, Aug 2 (2-3 pm)
Strategies and Best Practices for Returning to School (edWeb)
Join inspiring educators and district leaders as we hear about lessons learned from the past year, the key challenges they’re facing for the new year, and how they continue to innovate as they ready themselves to welcome their students back to school this fall.

Tuesday, Aug 3 (11-12:30 pm)
Resource Sharing: What Will We Keep from the Pandemic? (Library Journal)
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated several trends in academic libraries, including the shift from print to digital collections and the rethinking of subscriptions and licensing agreements with journal publishers. Partnerships with peer institutions and enhanced resource sharing programs have helped college and university libraries manage these challenges. In this webinar, librarians will discuss ideas and innovations that emerged during the pandemic, and how resource sharing can continue to help libraries adapt as the field continues to evolve.

Tuesday, Aug 3 (12-1 pm)
Reading Graphic: Part Two (Booklist)
Our graphic novel celebration continues with part two in our Read Graphic webinar series! Join us Tuesday, August 3 at 1 p.m. CT for this free, one-hour webinar showcasing upcoming #ReadGraphic titles from Fantagraphics Books; JY, an imprint of Yen Press; Etch, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers; Penguin Random House; and Viz Media. The webinar will begin with young reader titles and conclude with adult titles.

Tuesday, Aug 3 (12-1 pm)
Take a Break from the Printed Word: Explore Non-Print Audio and Video Resources of the U.S. Government (Federal Depository Library Program)
This webinar will highlight how and where to find non-print audio and video materials and offer suggestions on promoting these resources to your users. The webinar will also cover non-print materials in other languages, state and local materials, and emphasize outstanding examples. Join us for a look at the non-print world of Government documents.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Small Libraries Will Save the World! Implementing Sustainability at the Library (Nebraska Library Commission)
Help your library “go green” by leveraging the secret super power of small, rural and under-resourced libraries everywhere: the make-do mindset! Forget LEED building certifications, we’ll show you how your library can adopt systems that align your shoestring budget with tips on everything from sustainable programming practices, operational approaches, environmental partnerships, as well as easy (and cost-saving!) eco-friendly swaps based on the experience of one library’s mission to be a community leader in reducing its environmental impact.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (9:30-10:15 am)
Speaking Up and Speaking Out: Using Your Voice to Demand Justice (Follett)
Join this very special live webinar event featuring authors Adib Khorram, A.S. King, Randy Ribay, and Laurie Halse Anderson, and moderated by educator Julia E. Torres, as they discuss how books can support race, culture, identity, and mental health.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (11-12 pm)
Improve Your Email Deliverability (Blackbaud)
Now is the time to work to improve your sender reputation. In this session, we will present ways for you to enhance your sender reputation to help ensure that the emails you send are arriving in the inbox instead of the junk folder.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (12-1 pm)
Library Search Strategies: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box (Niche Academy)
In this webinar, librarian Christopher Brown goes beyond thinking about what resources to search and focuses on how to think about searching, sharing real search examples to illustrate the points made.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (12-1 pm)
Telling the Story of Volunteer Impact (VolunteerMatch)
This webinar will help you move past number of volunteers and number of hours and start telling the real story. You’ll learn about information gathering and the key components to good storytelling, how to evaluate your current measurements and how to build support for a more thorough measurement and evaluation program, and how to engage other staff – paid and volunteer – in this work.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (12-1 pm)
Library Search Strategies: Thinking Inside and Outside the Box (Niche Academy)
In order to better serve our library users, librarians need to think more creatively when assisting a user with a research topic. In this webinar, librarian Christopher Brown goes beyond thinking about what resources to search and focuses on how to think about searching, sharing real search examples to illustrate the points made.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (12-1 pm)
Introduction to Finding Grants (Candid Learning)
Discover what funders are looking for in nonprofits seeking grants and how to find potential funders in this introductory course.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (12-1 pm)
Keeping Our Sanity During Change (Georgia Library Association)
Discover your power in the organization, and where you do and do not have control. Learn about giving feedback to your supervisor to influence a change process and how you can get better results. Consider how people in organizations typically respond to change, how you respond to change, and how this affects the overall library. Think about expectations around the terms “transparency” and “feedback” when applied to change. Apply this new knowledge to help change interpersonal dynamics within your organization.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (12-1 pm)
Online Open House (Library of Congress)
Want to learn more about the collections of the Library of Congress from the experts who work there? Join us for the second installment of our online open house! Rotate through short sessions (15 minutes each) on specific online resources, tools, and collections of interest. Plan to share some of your ideas for classroom use across the curriculum.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (12-1:30 pm)
Ready and Resilient! Promoting the Resilience of Children and Adults (Early Childhood Investigations)
Each day, children and adults rely upon strong social-emotional skills as we navigate various life experiences. Learn strategies to support the resilience and social-emotional well-being of children and adults in this reflective webinar presented by Dr. Nefertiti B. Poyner.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (2-3 pm)
C&C Back to School: How to Teach Copyright This Year (Copyright and Creativity)
Come join our C&C educators from PA, MO, and AR as we welcome you back to the 2021-2022 school year. We’ll share our FREE K-12 resources for teaching copyright and fair use and you’ll see firsthand how they are used with students in the classroom and online.

Wednesday, Aug 4 (3-4 pm)
True Equity and Diversity in the School Library: Preparing for a New School Year (Follett)
Is your library truly diverse? Reading and literacy experiences that open “sliding glass doors” to new perspectives and possibilities are essential. Our experts will share ways to take an unflinching look at your library to ensure diversity and equity.

Thursday, Aug 5 (7-3 pm)
SLJTeen Live! (School Library Journal)
So much of adolescence is preparing for the future—college, careers, adulthood, the next grade—and that’s even tougher when no one knows what the future will look like. Through it all, books reflect and illuminate our lives, telling boundary-pushing stories that take publishing to the next level. The conference’s author panels and library programming sessions will help you support and engage teens in this new moment and beyond.

Thursday, Aug 5 (9-10 am)
Embracing Strategic Planning as a Community Engagement Tool (Nonprofit Learning Lab)
Rethinking the strategic planning process from a cumbersome and overwhelming task to an opportunity to connect with our community opens the possibilities to engage with those outside our immediate circles. This program will provide participants with insights and ideas to incorporate thoughtful community engagement into strategic planning processes that both diminish the risk of planning within our own bubbles and also inspire new ideas.

Thursday, Aug 5 (11-12 pm)
Federal Courts: Structure, Jurisdiction, & Research (Federal Depository Library Program)
This webinar is designed to give non-lawyers an overview of the United States Federal Court system.

Thursday, Aug 5 (12-1 pm)
Ask the Expert:  Virtual Training Certification (InSync Training)
The workplace and workforce are changing at a more rapid pace today than ever before. We’ve had to adapt; and adapt quickly, especially in the shift from in-person to virtual meetings and virtual training. Good news – virtual facilitation best practices do exist, and they apply to all platforms.

Thursday, Aug 5 (1-2 pm)
Setting Up an Emotionally Secure and Literacy-Grounded Classroom, Post-Pandemic (Saddleback Educational Publishing)
Here is light at the end of this exceptionally long pandemic tunnel! As students move back to in-person learning, we must understand their regulatory and literacy learning skills may have diminished during the time of virtual instruction. In this FREE webinar, Saddleback is partnering with Engaging Learners to bring you an episode of Coffee with Katie and Richard. Join us as Katherine McKnight, PhD and Richard Cash, EdD share how to set up an emotionally secure classroom where literacy skills are the foundation of success.

Thursday, Aug 5 (1-2 pm)
Exploring the SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) Model (WebJunction)
In this webinar, participants will be introduced to the SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, Results) Model and learn how to use it as a facilitation tool for conducting meetings with their library communities. The role of digital programming as a SOAR response to the challenges of COVID-19 will be explored, with presenters and participants alike sharing their successes and challenges.

Thursday, Aug 5 (1-2 pm)
Exploring Cryptocurrency: Introducing New Giving Methods to Your Nonprofit (Bloomerang)
Donor demographics and giving behaviors continuously evolve, along with your nonprofit’s need to adapt. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how current data on donor demographics impacts major-gift donations with specific emphasis on simple, safe and secure methods of attracting and engaging with cryptocurrency donors.

Thursday, Aug 5 (3-4:30 pm)
Reading Picture Books with Children Through a Race-Conscious Lens (Colorado State Library)
This webinar will introduce participants to tools from the Whole Book Approach, a co-constructive (interactive) method of sharing picture books with children, which educator and children’s literature expert Megan Dowd Lambert developed in association with The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

Friday, Aug 6 (3-4 pm)
APALA First Fridays: APIA Author Series! (Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association)
Brandon Jew and Tienlon Ho, authors of MISTER JIU’S IN CHINATOWN will be in conversation with APALA member Regina Gong.

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