Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of August 20

Aug 20, 2018

Free, online, continuing education events for this week of from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Monday, Aug 20 (12:30-1:30 pm)
Identifying and Confronting Microaggressions in Our Libraries (Idaho Commission for Libraries)
This session is intended to foster a more conscious, inclusive communication style. It will help identify examples of microaggressions and how they adversely affect our relationships between ourselves, our fellow staff members, and patrons. We’ll discuss the ingrained biases that lead us to being perpetrators of microaggressions. We’ll also learn what to do to stand up for ourselves and others when we’re the victims of microaggressions.

Tuesday, Aug 21 (11-12 pm)
Engaging the Growing 55+ Population with Arts Education Workshops (Lifetime Arts)
Done well, “creative aging” programming is delivered by teaching artists and librarians who have considered and studied what “positive aging” means; who are aware of ageist behaviors and labels; who co-create skill-building curricula that leverage collections; and who understand the importance of learning and purpose for older adult well-being. Join us on Thursday, August 16, for a one-hour discussion of your goals for this population and how professional development, consultation, and online learning offerings from Lifetime Arts could help you move forward.

Tuesday, Aug 21 (12-1 pm)
5 Ways Nonprofits are Actually Attracting New Members with Social Media (Wild Apricot)
If you are spending a ton of time promoting your organization on social media without getting any real results, you’re not alone — many organizations struggle with this. That’s why we’re bringing in nonprofit social media expert and author Julia Campbell for our webinar on August 21. In this session, Julia will reveal exactly how small and mid-sized nonprofits are attracting new members through social media.

Tuesday, Aug 21 (12-1 pm)
Unleash Your Inner Marketer (Indiana State Library)
Originally designed for support staff, this presentation is important for managers to hear, as well.  It will empower the entire library staff, and help each person realize how vital they are to their library’s marketing success. Jenna Anderson will offer practical tips on ways to keep the staff engaged, and inspire everyone to reach out a little more to patrons.

Tuesday, Aug 21 (12-1 pm)
The Science of Attention and Engagement (Insync Training)
In this session, you will learn what the current science says about how attention, willpower, and decision-making interact, and how that influences the design of learning environments. Having a deeper understanding of this topic will help you create more engaging and effective learning solutions.

Tuesday, Aug 21 (12-1 pm)
27 Ways to Improve Your Website Immediately (TechSoup)
Every website gets stale and needs updating, your included! In this webinar we will cover 27 ways to improve your website immediately. Topics will range from content, to security and beyond. You will leave this webinar with steps you can take that day that will improve your website and help your organization grow.

Wednesday, Aug 22 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Excel for Librarians (Nebraska Library Commission)
Microsoft Excel has a variety of uses in the library world from keeping track of budgets or managing program registrations to viewing circulation or collection statistics. Learn some hints and tips for working with already existing spreadsheets as well as building your own. We’ll also take a look at Google Sheets and see how that compares with Excel.

Wednesday, Aug 22 (10-11 am)
Out-of-School Time: How to Plan STEAM Programming in Your Library (Association for Library Services to Children)
Want to engage school-age kids through exciting STEAM programming in your library but don’t know where to start? Three recipients of the Strengthening Communities Through Libraries grant are ready to share tips and tricks for partnering with others, selecting materials, outreach to build participation, measuring outcomes, and documenting success. Many libraries struggle with STEAM programming; this webinar will give you the confidence to start tomorrow.

Wednesday, Aug 22 (12-1:30 pm)
Whose Heritage? Objects, Politics and Collections Care (Connecting to Collections)
This webinar will review some approaches that organizations have used in handling problematic collection objects with an eye towards balancing collection care and public critique. While the topics can be difficult and highly emotional, we will look at ways to provide a constructive and empathetic listening environment where both audiences and collections can come together to create productive learning arenas. Case studies include the removal of confederate monuments, WPA murals in a university setting that include insensitive racial stereotypes, and historic figures glorified in the past for behavior that is now considered predatory.

Wednesday, Aug 22 (12-1:30 pm)
Innovative Strategies for Autism in ECE – How Teletherapy Engages Children with Autism (Early Childhood Investigations)
In this powerful webinar you will learn how teletherapy directly benefits ECE students with Autism. The E-Therapy expert, Diana Parafiniuk, will discuss teletherapy, the issues young children with Autism face, and how technology/teletherapy activities help specialists enhance the communication skills of children with Autism.

Wednesday, Aug 22 (12:30-1:30 pm)
How to Captivate and Engage Constituents with Your Website (Firespring)
Everything you do as a nonprofit organization leads people back to your website. It is the center of your marketing universe and home base of your brand. Does your website captivate and engage people or is it merely an online brochure with a few photos and mission statement? In this session find out how to captivate and engage with your website.

Wednesday, Aug 22 (1-2 pm)
Getting Unstuck: Help Your Board, Staff, and Town Talk about Library Funding (WebJunction, ARSL, and EveryLibrary)
A webinar hosted in collaboration with ARSL and EveryLibrary to grow skills for talking about library budgets with staff, boards, and other stakeholders in your community and to secure funding.

Thursday, Aug 23 (9-10 am)
Sustaining (and Delivering) “Open” at the University of Glasgow Through Enlighten (OCLC)
The University of Glasgow’s strategic plan sets out our ambition to build on our current success to become a world class, world changing university. In 2002 we piloted our first open access repository using the open source EPrints software and today we have an integrated network of sustained and open, Enlighten, repositories which help us to realise this ambition. This webinar will explore our commitment to “Open” through the journey of our Enlighten Open Access repository service. It will show how “Open” has been an integral part of its DNA since its inception.

Thursday, Aug 23 (11-12 pm)
Networking without the Butterflies (Charity Village)
Does the idea of networking fill your stomach with butterflies? Join our free webinar and learn new tools and strategies to help you approach networking in a more confident and organized manner. Building and maintaining your professional network is akin to planting the seeds of career success. Equally as important is developing a networking strategy and refining your targeted communication for different touchpoints. Your personal brand is the impression you leave with people. All of your interactions serve to reinforce this brand, so why not be thoughtful and deliberate about the impression you are leaving behind?

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