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Feb 5, 2023

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of February 6 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Thursday, Feb 9 (9-1:45pm)
Leader Talk: Building a Human-centered Workplace in 2023 (Training Industry)
In today’s world of work, employees are driven by purpose. They want to work for organizations that align with their values and perform meaningful work. To build a human-centered workplace, organizations must invest in their most valuable asset: their people. Learning leaders need to create meaningful learning experiences that foster employee well-being and engagement. Join this Training Industry Leader Talk to gain a better understanding of what a human-centered workplace looks like and how you can take steps this year toward building one in your organization.


Tuesday, Feb 7 (11-12 pm)
Supporting Modern Environmental Research with Digital Primary Sources (Wiley Digital Archives and Library Journal)
With rising sea levels, deforestation, global warming, and the surge of extreme weather events, environmental research is more important than ever. Access to primary sources and historical data is essential to modern environmental research as researchers look to the past to predict future impact. In this webinar, you will learn about: Opportunities for using archives in environmental research and how it can support modern discoveries, Case studies featuring the integration of digital primary sources and historical datasets in environmental research and coursework, What you can expect from Wiley’s newest digital archive, Wiley Digital Archives: Environmental Science and History, including a closer look into the collection of one of Wiley’s partners, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Tuesday, Feb 7 (12-1 pm)
Crash Course in Science Fiction: A Novelist Plus Webinar (EBSCO)
Do you have a go-to readers’ advisory strategy for helping readers of Science Fiction? Whether your readers are fans of space operas or alternate histories, let NoveList and LibraryReads break down the best science fiction has to offer your readers—from first contact to climate change apocalypses.

Tuesday, Feb 7 (12-1 pm)
Managing Difficult Volunteer Transitions (VolunteerMatch)
What do you do when it’s time to ask a volunteer to leave your organization? This webinar will give you the tools to address challenges around difficult volunteer situations, like volunteers aging in place, incorporating new volunteers and new types of opportunities into your organization. This session will offer suggestions on how to minimize these situations in the future, and how to determine when a volunteer should be asked to leave, and how to make it easier on you, other volunteers, and staff. The role that risk management plays in these decisions will also be included.

Tuesday, Feb 7 (12-1 pm)
ACRL Presents: Inclusive Leadership (Association of College and Research Libraries)
Join our expert panel for a discussion about library-centered inclusive leadership. Attendees will grow their understanding of inclusive leadership, awareness of best practices to embed DEI in leadership approaches, and knowledge of professional development opportunities to build leadership capacity.

Tuesday, Feb 7 (12-1 pm)
Mobile Marketing Tips for Every Generation (Nonprofit Hub)
Mobile marketing is a key component of any comprehensive marketing strategy. And optimizing your website for all devices and screens is crucial for staying relevant with today’s audiences, especially millennials and Gen Xers, but even the more tech-savvy baby boomers. And if you don’t keep up you’ll lag behind, losing online visitors, donors and, ultimately, donations.

Tuesday, Feb 7 (12-1 pm)
Graphic Novels for Adults and Young Adults (Booklist)
Looking for the hottest Graphic Novels for adults and young adults alike? It’s all here in our #ReadGraphic webinar! Featuring Fantagraphics Books, Yen Press, Diamond Book Distributors, and Image Comics, attendees will hear about the best thought-provoking, educational, and adventurous titles for you or the graphic novel reader in your life! Whether you’re introducing graphic novels into your library or expanding your #ReadGraphic shelves, you won’t want to miss this free, one-hour webinar.

Tuesday, Feb 7 (1-2 pm)
Collaborating for Access: Digital Access Success Stories (Digital Public Library of America)
With libraries across the country striving to deliver robust and cost-effective digital content offerings to patrons, the fifth in our series of Collaborating for Access webinars, presented with COSLA and ReadersFirst, will look at digital access success stories. We’ll hear short presentations from a variety of our colleagues who have found innovative ways to increase access for patrons, followed by a Q&A session moderated by Michael Blackwell of ReadersFirst.

Tuesday, Feb 7 (2-3 pm)
Introducción a Britannica School (Britannica Education)
En este webinar aprenderán cómo incorporar contenido digital en su aula o biblioteca. Participantes aprenderán unos elementos especiales, incluyendo texto informativo y contenido de varios formatos, creando una nueva cuenta para recolectar, organizar y compartir contenido y contenido multimedia ampliado, incluyendo elementos para descargar videos.

Wednesday, Feb 8 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Accessibility Isn’t Just for Patrons! Internal Documentation for Everyone (Nebraska Library Commission)
The World Health Organization estimates that 15% of the world’s population (more than 1 billion people) have an accessibility need. We understand that content needs to be read and understood by a wide variety of readers – and our internal documentation is no different. How can we be sure that core principles of accessibility are being met, even for ourselves? Different accessibility actions to be discussed include some core ADA suggestions such as alt text or descriptions, heading usage, and font choices. In addition, extra actions such as presenting in multiple formats, clarity of language and purpose, and consistency in formatting will also be discussed.

Wednesday, Feb 8 (8-9 pm)
What’s Up Wednesday – Present Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks for a Great Presentation (Indiana State Library)
Did your boss ask you to do a presentation for your library staff day? Have you been tasked with giving a presentation about the library reading program to the local Rotary Club?  Does the through of speaking in front of an audience frighten you to your core?  Do you have no idea what to do?  Help is here!  In this presentation you will learn about the basics of presenting with some tips, tricks and best practices.

Wednesday, Feb 8 (9-9:30 am)
Building Nonprofit Brands that Matter (Nonprofit Learning Lab)
Creative strategies on how brands work for advocacy and cause-related marketing. Behind every successful nonprofit is a brand personality that matters. In this 30-minute workshop, we look at the key steps to build a new brand or refresh a legacy brand to improve the relationship with your supporters. This workshop will also explore how to harness the power of your brand to connect to your key supporters, as well as how to retain the loyalty of long-term supporters while building the groundwork for the next generation

Wed, February 8 (11am – 12pm)
African Americans in Business: Doing Historical Company Research (Library of Congress)
Join Business Reference Services for a webinar on Wednesday, February 8, on African Americans in Business: Doing Historical Company Research. In addition to sharing research around the Black entrepreneurs, this class will also show strategies to locate information on historical figures and companies more broadly. While this class uses resources available at the Library of Congress, many may also be available through your local library or historical society. Led by Business Reference and Research Specialists, we plan on covering print and electronic sources – both free and subscription – as well as giving a few tips and tricks picked up over the years.

Wednesday, Feb 8 (12-1 pm)
Privacy Audits for Public Libraries (Niche Academy)
Unprecedented threats to the privacy and security of library patrons have emerged in recent years, from book challenges to online data and general AI advances that can prey on our most vulnerable populations. More than ever, it is critical to protect our patrons from the tremendous risks they face when enjoying the resources within our walls. Participants completing this webinar will understand the value of the privacy audit and how to conduct one for their organization, whether large or small. Though this session focuses primarily on public libraries, several aspects of the discussion will be relevant to other types of libraries as well.

Wednesday, Feb 8 (12-1 pm)
Spring Pre-Pub Books are Buzzing (Library Journal)
Are you wondering what you’ll be reading this spring? Join this webcast to hear about the latest big-buzzing books that you won’t want to miss! Publishing insiders will present their favorite forthcoming can’t-put-down titles, from mysteries and feel-good escapism to spirituality and hot-button nonfiction.

Wednesday, Feb 8 (12-1 pm)
Just Don’t Do It: Finally a session on how to say no at work! (Colorado State Library)
Are you a people pleaser? Do you feel guilty for not always going the extra mile? Do you find yourself saying yes, only to regret it later? Are you teetering on the edge of burnout, and things seem harder than they should because you have too much on your plate? There is no badge of honor for always saying yes to more work. By learning to say no, you will learn how to say yes to your values, goals, and important relationships. If this sounds like you, register now!

Wednesday, Feb 8 (1-2 pm)
Advanced Infographics (Training Magazine Network)
Advanced infographics goes beyond pretty pictures. We focus on goals, messaging, content, and story. Learn to engage your audience instantly. Make them want to learn more. Improve understanding, recollection, and adoption. In this fast-paced session, learn to turn words and ideas into clear, compelling infographics. Get curated inspiration and step-by-step instructions. Lastly, discover tools and techniques to render your new infographics.

Wednesday, Feb 8 (1-1:30 pm)
Supporting Mental Health in Rural and Indigenous Communities (Harvard Graduate School of Education)
Medical leaders have declared the state of youth mental health a national emergency. In rural and Indigenous communities, young people face unique mental health risks and barriers to care. Now, experts working to support children and adolescents living in rural regions join us to share experiences and best practices in providing services and safeguarding mental health.

Wednesday, Feb 8 (5-6 pm)
AASL Town Hall (American Association of School Librarians)
AASL Town Halls are a monthly opportunity for school library professionals to network and brainstorm around a central theme. During the town halls, participants share successes, solicit ideas, and strategize the best ways to meet the needs of school librarians and their learners. Join AASL leadership, special guests, and peers across the country in an open conversation focused on leading learning in your school and community. Specific topics/themes, along with presenters, will be announced closer to the event date.

Thursday, Feb 9 (10-11 am)
Does Your Organization Want a Million-Dollar Grant? (Bloomerang)
Nearly every day I am approached by a new nonprofit asking a similar question: “How can my nonprofit apply for a million-dollar grant?” I respond with: “Is your organization ready for a million-dollar grant?”

Thursday, Feb 9 (12-1 pm)
Prices and Wages by Decade: An Overview (Federal Depository Library Program)
The University of Missouri Libraries’ subject guide, Prices and Wages by Decade, is an online index to economic data found in Government documents and other primary sources. It receives close to one million views annually. In this session, you will learn strategies for finding historical information for the site and see how we tackle challenging reference questions. We will also review the pros and cons of using LibGuides for very large, data-rich websites.

Thursday, Feb 9 (3-4 pm)
Britannica School Basics (Britannica)
Join us for this webinar and learn new easy to incorporate digital content into your classroom or Library.

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