Free Continuing Education Events for the Week of July 4

Jul 3, 2022

Free, online, continuing education events for the week of July 4 from the Wyoming State Library Training Calendar. Descriptions and links are below. You can subscribe and view the events in your calendar software, or you can find all the events at

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Tuesday, July 5 (10-11 am)
First Tuesdays: Introducing the New Libraries and Veterans National Forum (Washington State Library)
The Libraries and Veterans National Forum was born out of efforts from librarians at the Texas A&M University Libraries and their desire to better learn from others libraries’ efforts to support the veteran and military communities. In an effort to help librarians just getting started working with veterans, as well as those looking for new ideas to bring to their libraries, an online toolkit was created to collect the shared knowledge of librarians working with the veteran community. It contains lesson plans, program outlines, collection development policies, best practice documents, and more to help ease the way for those just getting started in this work – and to make it easier for those already engaged to find new ideas and new strategies to increase the success of their programs. This talk will discuss the work of the Libraries & Veterans National Forum and highlight the resources available to librarians.

Wednesday, July 6 (9-10 am)
NCompass Live: Bring Free Tech Programs to Older Nebraskans (Nebraska Library Commission)
Senior Planet, from AARP’s technology training classes, do more than just teach seniors how to use technology: they address marginalization and isolation among older adults. The Senior Planet licensing program trains and supports senior-serving organizations to deliver Senior Planet programs (in-person) to older adults in their area. The program is free of charge, with the goal of bringing world-class technology training to seniors across the country. Join us to learn how to access Senior Planet resources and bring them to your community.

Wednesday, July 6 (12-1 pm)
More than Lip Service – Making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion a Reality at Your Org (GovLoop)
Join NextGen and GovLoop online to learn and discuss the major challenges that women and people of color or those with disabilities face as they advance the career ladder.

Thursday, July 7 (9-10 am)
Experience Design for the Virtual Classroom and Beyond (Training Magazine Network)
We all know that we learn from experience, not just what happens in a classroom. And the global pandemic has shown us that whilst the learning can be virtual, it can’t just be a presentation with no interaction. Live online learning specialist Jo Cook draws on her near-decade of experience in the virtual classroom to highlight how experience design can make your sessions hit the learning mark for your attendees, and for you too!

Thursday, July 7 (9-10 am)
Online Fundraising Performance: Does Your Nonprofit Measure Up? (Firespring)
In this session, Firespring’s CEO Jay Wilkinson shares the best detailed formulas every nonprofit should use to track metrics and measure the success of their online fundraising efforts so they can improve online fundraising performance for their organization.

Thursday, July 7 (9-10 am)
Your Nonprofit’s Online Presence: Legal Risks and Protections for Websites and Social Media (Nonprofit Learning Lab)
Learn best practices for how to protect your online intellectual property, such as educational and training materials, fundraising campaigns, blog posts, newsletters, and photos, and how to reduce risk when using others’ content. We’ll discuss copyright, fair use, trademarks, defamation, invasion of privacy, and rights of publicity.

Thursday, July 7 (11-11:30 am)
How To Cultivate Donors With Chatbots – Quick Tips for Success (CharityHowTo)
Donors today want immediate responses to their inquiries, the convenience of one-click donations, gratitude for their donation and confidence their donation is being used for the purpose they gave it. Even slight friction or delay can cause donations to be postponed or spent elsewhere. In this free nonprofit webinar, you will learn how to set up and automate digital donor communications that respond to these donor needs.

Thursday, July 7 (11-12 pm)
How to Write a Proposal Narrative (Bloomerang)
This session will cover everything you need to know about writing a proposal narrative! We’ll cover the most frequently requested information by funders, explore what they’re REALLY looking for, and examine some examples.

Thursday, July 7 (1-2 pm)
Engaging Adults with Low Literacy Levels (WebJunction)
In the U.S., there are 43 million adults–nearly one in five–who read below a third-grade level, and over half of all adults read below a sixth-grade level. Low levels in literacy can impact many aspects of daily life including the ability to find and maintain employment, navigate health care needs, and complete government forms. This webinar will explore the characteristics of adults with low literacy levels and how they differ from those of adults with learning disabilities, including how and why each of these groups approaches reading. Learn about the importance and value of developing literacy skills, as well as strategies for library staff on how to identify when someone may need literacy support, how to broach the subject with a patron, and ways to suggest materials and resources to reluctant adults who may be struggling with literacy.

Thursday, July 7 (3-4 pm)
Google Slides Tips & Tricks (TeachersFirst)
Ever wonder what else you can do with Google Slides? Some of its built-in features can really come in handy in the classroom. In this session, you’ll learn a few cool tricks that will take your use of this tool to the next level, including game-changing productivity tips and small changes you can make to increase the visual impact of your slides.

Friday, July 8 (12-1 pm)
Learn How to Learn Online for Individuals (InSyncTraining)
Discover the power and capability of the virtual classroom in our Learn How to Learn Online workshop. Interact with peers, learn from an expert facilitator, and experiment with virtual classroom technology functionality. Over the course of an hour, you’ll experience the virtual classroom as it’s meant to be: an effective, impactful learning environment. Multiple dates available.

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